Motorhome holidays are always a family favourite, whether they be a quick weekend away in a nearby area or a month-long road trip across the country. If you are new to motorhome holidays, they can appear daunting at first – with so many different routes and locations to visit it is hard to choose what you should do or bring along with you. If you are planning on going on a motorhome getaway this summer, here is a handy list of everything you need to pack to ensure a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable trip for all.

person standing on grass near vehicle


Make sure you pack all of the documents that you may need whilst you are away on your trip, in case of any emergencies. This includes but is not limited to insurance paperwork, passports for all passengers, driver’s license, motorhome documents in case of a breakdown, and even a spare key for the home as there is nothing worse than being stranded – especially when you have no idea where you are!


Try to pre-plan and organize any activities that you are wanting to do on your trip prior to setting off so that you are able to bring any equipment or clothing that you will need for the activities. These could be your favourite walking boots, or maybe even your own kite that you are wanting to fly. Many items can become overlooked but it is important to remember to pack all clothing, bug spray, drinks, cooking essentials, duvets, and pillows, etc.  What are your plans for food along the way? Are you going to cook or eat out – as you may want to bring a disposable bbq along with you, or food that does not need to be cooked?  Always bring a bit of extra money in case you forget any items so that you can pick things up along the way if anything important is forgotten.


Although motorhome holidays are fun-filled and adventurous, there are times when there isn’t always much to do – whether this is at the destination or whilst traveling to it. Bring some entertainment with you, this could be in the form of board games, a kindle, or even a laptop and handheld gaming system. Depending on where you are staying, some locations may have WIFI which you can use, otherwise look at investing in a portable wifi hotspot so you can keep In touch with family and friends wherever you are.

Motor home holidays are some of the most exciting trips you can take and are a great opportunity to get close and make memories with your loved ones. Ensure you have all relevant insurance prior to embarking for that extra peace of mind! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.