From food to décor to beverages to everything in between!

Summer is still in full swing, and with fall around the corner, there’s still time to create the perfect picnic setting with all of these must-haves and outdoor essentials. From décor to food options to beverages that everyone will love, check out our list below for everything you need to create the ideal outdoor picnic – perfect for planning a small party, date night, or a girl’s day!

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Time to bring the aesthetic with these décor-able must-haves for your outdoor picnic. Picnics need comfortable seating and decorative options for your guests to lounge around in and places like Walmart have some great finds to invest in. The selection of earth and jewel tone furniture and décor will allow you to customize your picnic to your colour palette. Plus they have fun pillows and poufs to make your picnic ultra cozy. We’re loving this Blue Woven Outdoor Pouf Pillow that acts as a casual yet stylish seating option for guests. 

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You can also check out your local thrift store for a budget-friendly table to hold the food, drinks, and tableware. All you have to do is jazz up the setting with some fun florals and candles (for a more romantic vibe) and your picnic setting is ready to go! For dining and tableware options you can also check out Canadian Tire, which has a great assortment of fun accent pieces to spice up your picnic setup. For instance, this 8 piece CANVAS Drink Set is super colourful and Instagrammable- they’re perfect for holding ice-cold drinks on hot summer days! Be sure to grab some matching plates to help keep everything on theme.


No picnic is complete without a delicious beverage option for your guests. Flow Water is perfect for keeping your guests healthy and hydrated because it is made out of 100% alkaline spring water with a pH balance of 8.1 – it’s also packaged in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak! The brand has some incredible flavour options too, such as; Cucumber & Mint, Peach & Blueberry, and Strawberry & Rose! The possibilities are endless and the packaging is super cute so they’re a definite must-have for an outdoor picnic!


Time to get your guests excited with some amazing food options to pick and choose from! For appetizers, grab-and-go food is always a hit! Veggies and dip, chips, or colourful candy in decorative bowls give your guests the option to have something healthy, savoury, or sweet!

For the mains, try cooking up some mini sliders and making a cute condiment station designed to help your guests customize their creations. Sir Kensington’s condiments were created with the elevated eater in mind and the brand’s ketchup is crafted with only 10 simple- yet bold- wholesome ingredients that are consciously sourced, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free! We love that there is an original and spicy version of Sir Kensington’s ketchup for guests who love to add a little heat to their dishes! Condiments are the perfect way to amp up any dish.

For dessert, individually wrapped bags of popcorn or cotton candy are a great way to personalize treats for your guests, or you can opt for a selection of cupcakes for them to nibble on throughout the day/night.

Make sure to keep in mind all of the above when planning your next outdoor picnic!

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