Our homes are our safe havens, our own little space on earth. Therefore, when we buy or rent a new place, we try our best to make it feel welcoming and cozy. Some people prefer big houses and apartments while others prefer practical and small living spaces. Moreover, many people can’t afford to live in big houses. Living in a small house or apartment, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish design for your home. With the right design and some styling tricks, your small living space can look larger and more spacious. In this article, we will provide you with six tips that can help you design a small living space in a way that makes it look larger and adds style to it.

1.Hang Mirrors

Mirrors can be used as a form of optical illusion and make small rooms look bigger! Therefore, to make a small living space look spacious, hang mirrors on the walls. The style and design of the mirrors should match the furniture in the room; you can’t hang modern mirrors in a room furnished with vintage pieces and vice versa. Another way that you can use mirrors to make a room look larger is by using mirrored panels across one of the walls, as this can make the room look double its size!

2.Think About the Furniture

You need to consider what type of furniture and the number of pieces that would fit in one room, and because we are not the same, we have different preferences. You have two options to choose from; either go big or size down. If you decide to buy small pieces of furniture, you will have space to add different items. On the other hand, If you want to get big pieces of furniture, you will need to place fewer pieces so the room doesn’t look cramped.

3.Choose Dark and Bold Colors

If you are into colors, paint the rooms with dark colors like dark blue or dark green. If you want to complement the walls, add accessories and items that have the same hue. If you are wondering what kind of items can add style to the room, the options provided at  Simply Cushions can give you an idea of what color matches work with one another with cushions in particular. Throw a few cushions on the sofa or on the floor to make the room look cozy and in style. Other items that can make the room feel warm and welcoming are rugs and lamps. 

4.Neutral Colors Never Fail

Bold colors are not everyone’s cup of coffee as some people prefer natural colors, and that is totally fine. Natural colors and neutral hues can still make the room look spacious. To trick your eyes, you can add glass items like glass tables, for example. This way, the room will look bigger than it really is. Moreover, tan and off-white colors send relaxing vibes and create a calm ambiance in the room.



A cluttered room doesn’t only look small and messy but can also cause stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that living in a cluttered home increases stress and anxiety levels. Get rid of all the items and furniture pieces that do not compliment the room and you don’t use anymore. However, if you find it hard to let go of some of the items, organize them in a way that doesn’t make the room look messy. Make a basket for your magazines, for example, and group all the similar items in one place.

6.Multifunctional Furniture

Ottomans are one of the best multifunctional pieces that add style and character to your room and can be used as a coffee table or a seat. Incorporating multifunctional furniture will definitely help you save up space while making use of just a few pieces in your house. Sofas with storage space are another great example as they can come in handy in small living spaces.

Living in a small place is actually more practical and can save you a lot of money on utility bills and maintenance. You can make a small living space look spacious by hanging mirrors, decluttering, incorporating multifunctional furniture, and painting the wall with dark or neutral colors. Moreover, you can add style to your home by placing some matching items and accessories across the rooms. After a long busy day at work, all you need is to go home to relax and unwind. The tips above will guarantee that you come home after a long day to a warm and welcoming place of your own.