Ezra Miller Controversy Explained


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On July 1st, Ezra Miller addressed the allegations that he had behaved inadequately with a 12-year-old. A temporary harassment order had been placed on his name, which was recently lifted, and no criminal charges were filed, PageSix notes.

Miller opened up about the situation in an Instagram post. “I’m encouraged by today’s outcome and very grateful at this moment to everyone who has stood beside me and sought to ensure that this egregious misuse of the protective order system was halted,” Ezra wrote.

“Protective orders are meant to provide safety for individuals, families, and children who are in danger. They are not meant to be used as weapons by those seeking attention or fleeting tabloid fame or some sort of personal vengeance when there are people in true and dire need of these services.”

“I have been unjustly and directly targeted by an individual who the facts have shown has a history of such manipulative and destructive action.” they added.

What did Ezra Miller do?

Ezra Miller

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According to PageSix, Miller’s attorney has also addressed the allegations in a statement. “Frustratingly for Ezra, Guin lodged her false allegations at a time when Ezra was struggling with significant mental health issues, and was unable to come to court to defend themself against the spurious claims made by this individual,” the lawyer, Marissa Elkins, said.

“Had Ezra been able to appear in court last year and share the truth about their very limited interactions with Ms. Guin, I am confident the original order would have never been issued.” Elkins added.

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