Ezra Miller promotes ‘The Flash’ at the Los Angeles premiere

Ezra Miller walked the red carpet at the premiere of ‘The Flash’

Ezra Miller at 'The Flash' premiere

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Ezra Miller made their first public appearance in almost two years. This comes after multiple arrests and controversies with the actor. One which involved an alleged kidnapping of a minor.

Ezra Miller The Flash

People are upset by their attendance and how well they were received believing that they should not have been allowed to attend.

Cast of 'The Flash' posing at red carpet premiere

Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Warner Bros

The film’s director Andy Muschietti stood by Ezra Miller saying, “I don’t think there’s anyone that can play the character as well as they did. Other depictions of the character are great but this particular version of the character, they just excelled in doing it.”

Ezra Miller Red Carpet

Miller is being compared to celebrities facing similar controversy like Johnathan Majors who has their own role in a superhero franchise but is rumored to be recast in future projects, unlike Miller who is seemingly getting ‘a slap on the wrist’ because of their white male privilege.

Many people are also voicing their outrage on social media regarding the star’s latest appearance. Check out what one user had to say about the latest news below:

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