The new season, fall calls for change in our wardrobes.

Not only will you need to fend off the chill in the air, but autumn also presents a great opportunity to turn your look into a new direction that reflects the season and your style.

Here is some fall do’s and don’ts when it comes to our style and fashion:

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Wear Appropriate Footwear:

Put away your flip-flops for the season. It not only looks inappropriate but wearing flip-flops in cooler weather is uncomfortable as well. If you want something to slip on your feet to get out the door in a hurry, invest in a pair of great flats or ankle boots you can quickly put on to get out the door.

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Add Pieces in Trendy Fall Colors:

Add a few clothing or accessory pieces in trendy fall fashion colours. Trends in fall colours include light blue shades, pinks, bright purples, and spiced-up yellow colours. Colour trends allow you to deviate from traditional fall looks and come up with something that looks fresh and new.

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Layer Your Outfits:

Invest in layering pieces. Pieces like short and quarter-length sleeve tops, light to mid-weight sweaters, scarves, and jackets allow you to adjust to any temperature fluctuations the season brings.


Step Outside Your Clothing Comfort Zone:

Step outside your comfort zone and try some non-traditional fall styles. If you typically stick with certain colours or style for fall, try to incorporate something a little different into you autumn look. If you are typically one to wear subtle jewelry, try an on-trend statement choker. If you typically stay with your tried-and-true pencil skirt, try one of the season’s tiered styles. You might be surprised at what you find looks great on you if you step outside of your comfort zone a little.

Don’t Stash Your White:

You do not have to hide your summer whites after Labor Day. Go ahead and wear white pants. You can pair them with your warmer fall and winter tops for a bright-eyed and cozy look.

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Don’t Put Away Your Patterns and Prints:

Patterns and prints are not out yet! If a floral seems too summery, simply tone it down. Wear a neutral sweater over your floral summer dress, or reach for a patterned top, scarf, or skirt that you can pair with a more subdued colour.

Don’t Ditch The Peplum:

Peplum tops may have a summer vibe, but they can also add some freshness to your fall and winter wardrobe. Wear a tank or cami underneath for extra warmth.

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Published on HOLR Magazine.