Fashionable outfits are usually associated with discomfort. All those heels, tricky dresses, multi-part costumes… Even the most obsessed fashionistas want to be both relaxed and stylish at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible with every piece of stylish clothing. In this guide, authoritative Enibbana clothing experts share the best tips on how to stay stylish and feel like a feather at the same time. 

1. Grab Those Pajama Pants

Of course, those flannel plaid pajama pants from your childhood won’t really work with your stylish bag and jacket, but some high-quality neat-looking pajamas will perfectly blend with sweaters, jerseys, jackets, shirts, and other basic items from your wardrobe. Moreover, the pajama style is already a well-established trend that will boost your everyday look and attract more positive attention from those who know how modern fashion works. The only thing you should remember is to keep mixing the colors and materials properly to avoid abusing the trends and looking weird. This style is very convenient but still requires you to be neat. Fortunately, you can achieve the right effect even while wearing full pajama sets! 

2. Wear Thick Heels

Sometimes you can be in the mood for skyscraper-high stilettos, but not in the mood for the terrible inconvenience they bring. Actually, you should forget about them at all if you value your precious feet. However, we all want to wear hills and many great looks require them, so we need a way out. Fortunately, thick and low heels are at our service. You should purchase at least one pair of thick-heel mules, kitten heels, block heels, or other thick or low-heel variants. They are not only much more comfortable than most of the classical thin heels but also match a wider range of modern styles. 

3. Throw on Leggings

It’s fair to say that some leggings may look horrible and inappropriate for anything but cleaning up your attic. It’s doesn’t relate to all leggings, though. You can shop for a variety of reinvented leggings that combine well enough with different casual and sophisticated formal looks. Look for leggings made of cotton rather than spandex and give preference to the models with pant-like elements, such as visible seams and zippers. Some of the best matches for stylish leggings include long tops, light or heavy boots, black heels, or even ballet flats. 

4. Wear Slipper-Type Flats

Comfortable flats, such as fur-lined loafers and sandals with broad bands that don’t cause blisters, are a new trend! Look for flats by Steve Madden and Birkenstock and you will get some of the most comfortable and lightweight open footwear in your life. Due to the new designs, these types of footwear don’t feel like you’re walking barefoot on concrete or cause blisters, so there are no reasons for doubt and worries.

5. Add Long Layers

Any experienced stylist will confirm that one of the simplest tricks to look more stylish is proper layering. Jeans and sneakers or loafers, black pants and shoes – all these simple combinations will look chic if you wear a long duster, trench, or jacket. Long layers make every look full and reveal a great sense of taste, so never forget about this trick. The good news is that stylish items in the long-layer category became much more affordable than ever. 

Listen to Your Body

Following these simple yet extremely effective tips, you will eventually learn to feel the most comfortable items right while trying them on in the store. Remember the feelings of comfort and seek clothing that brings it into your everyday life. Keep in mind that style and comfort are compatible! 

Published on Holr Magazine