It’s clear that 2022 has proven to be busy in the celeb romance department, and we’re here to catch you up on celeb couplings that fans can’t get enough of this year!

Kim K holding hands with Pete D

Image Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Zendaya & Tom Holland 

Celeb Couple: Zendaya & Tom Holland

Image Credit: Tom Holland / Instagram

From playing love interests on-screen to becoming real-life lovers, it doesn’t get any more swoon-worthy than this. These two originally started as friends after meeting on the set of ‘Spider-man: Homecoming.’ However, after starring in three movies together, their relationship quickly blossomed to make fans weak in their knees. This pairing hits us right in the feels as they often refer to each other as their Spider-man character names. To illustrate, Tom Holland posted on Instagram for Zendaya’s birthday, “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays.” Zendaya and Tom Holland have officially secured their spot as one of the cutest 2022 celebrity couples (just ask any MCU fan)! 

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson 

Celeb Couple - Kim & Pete

Image Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Love is in the air! Ever since meeting on SNL and the Kimye divorce, these two have not been able to keep their hands off of each other. Their love runs so deep that Pete has multiple tattoos dedicated to Kim. On his collarbone, he has inked: “My girl is a lawyer” and “KIM” on his chest (although on Ellen, Kim clarified that this tattoo is technically a branding). There are also rumors that Pete has tattooed the initials of Kim’s children as well. The intimate pics that Kim shares on her social media of the pair breaks the internet each time. 

My girl is a lawyer Pete Davidson tattoo

Image Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively 

Power Couple: Ryan & Blake at Met Gala

Image Credit: Angela Weiss / Getty Images

Once upon a time, there once was this upper east-sider who met this masked vigilante … And well you know, the rest is history! This romance story belongs to none other than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They first met while filming the 2011 movie ‘Green Lantern.’ This was over a decade ago and the pair now have three children! This couple is best known for trolling each other on social media, especially during anniversary or birthday posts. Like the time Blake Lively made us LOL when she gave Ryan Reynolds a birthday shoutout on Twitter with more than half his face cropped out. Couple goals, am I right?

Blake wishing Ryan Happy Birthday

Image Credit: Blake Lively / Twitter

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

Celeb Couple: Rihanna & A$ap Pregnancy Reveal

Image Credit: Diggzy / Shutterstock

Rihanna and A$ap are by far the most stylish couple of 2022. We’re not surprised of course, as they are a couple of Fashion Killas. These two began as lifelong friends and have since been inseparable after they went official in 2020. In addition, they made headlines after they posed for a maternity shoot hand-in-hand, with Rihanna dressed in a long pink Chanel unbuttoned puffer coat along with body chains. Fans went into a frenzy after this celeb couple welcomed a baby boy on May 13!

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