There is a handful of select brands that actually understand what it’s like to endure Canadian winters. 

There are even fewer that understand them so well, they build their brands and design products around helping people withstand the elements, whether that be freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, ice, or wind.

Here are some Canadian winter boot brands won’t wear for style:

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Founded in Kitchener in 1962, Sorel is the OG sport boot brand for winter. Sorel “pushes the boundaries of function-first fashion,” protecting against the elements and keeping your toes toasty. (If you’re wearing Sorel boots, you’ll probably never slip on ice).

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People used to think that UGG was short for “ugly” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the band hails from Australia (where it doesn’t really snow), UGG seems to have figured out how to make boots that perform in freezing temperatures and will insulate your feet up to -32 degrees.

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According to the website, people who work at Bogs know what it’s like to be “wet and cold and gloriously miserable.” But if you slip on a pair of Bogs, your feet will never be miserable again. Bogs are made with a Neo-Tech material that stretches four ways, to provide insulation, warmth and comfort. They are also 100% waterproof and slip-resistant, which has made them a go-to brand for winter activities.

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Pajar has a long history of making winter boots, 57 years to be exact. The Canadian brand is known for blending modern industrial design with old-world craftsmanship that will keep you warm and chic.


Olang Canada’s Sound Boots are life-changing. With spike-grip soles, these boots cling to the ice and snow so you won’t go tumbling to the ground this winter.

Published on HOLR Magazine.