Some of the most popular recipes circling online right now are ways to recreate restaurant recipes and fast food favourites at home. We’ve all had a meal out that we’ve wanted to give a go in our own kitchens. Here’s a list of some copycat recipes for famous dishes from popular restaurants that you can make yourself!

Crunchwrap Supreme

Tacobell’s Crunchwrap Supreme is one of their most iconic signature menu items. The multilayered, folded, and grilled tortillas filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, and other taco toppings, this hexagonal treat is a great one to remake for yourself. As this recipe says, the crunch wrap combines many different ideas, from nachos and cheese to beef tacos to soft tortilla quesadillas, but the key to that satisfying crunch is the crispy tostada in the middle.

Fast Food Favourites You Can Recreate at Home

PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

Most Westernized Chinese restaurants will have a take on Mongolian Beef, a dish with thinly sliced, crispy but tender beef in a sweet and salty sauce. This recipe draws on the version available for purchase at PF Chang’s, for a fraction of the restaurant price. They suggest adding broccoli or asparagus to pair with the thick, dark sauce, and serving over white rice.

McDonald’s French Fries

There’s nothing quite like fries from McDonald’s. When they’re served hot and fresh, they’re the perfect balance of light, crispy and salty. You can get french fries anywhere, but there’s something about those fried potatoes from the golden arches that sets them apart. Recently lots of people have been trying to recreate these fast food wonders, and there are plenty of different variations on the techniques that lead to that perfect crisp. This TikTok recipe is a simpler method that still captures that crispiness.

Chik-Fil-A Sauce

Now that you’ve made your own fast-food fries at home, you’ll need something to dip them in. How about the sweet and tangy dipping sauce Chik-Fil-A gives with their waffle fries and signature fried chicken? Super simple to make, House of Yumm shows how just a few ingredients can go a long way to making a great dipping sauce!

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Speaking of fried chicken: in 2019 Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen released their crispy fried chicken sandwich, which exploded with hype as people scrambled to get their hands on it. Two years later it remains one of their most popular menu items, but now you don’t need to wait in line for one when you can make it yourself! This recipe shows how to marinate and cook the chicken to crispy perfection, and how to make that spicy mayo to top it off.

Fast Food Favourites You Can Recreate at Home