As the days of summer approach, it’s essential to be mindful of how the heat can affect your lawn. But with artificial grass installed in your yard, you will not have to worry much initially. However, when the temperature soars too high, and the heatwave is scorching, you shall notice that your fake turf feels hot when you touch it. Like the other materials used in your yard, like the pavers, concrete driveway, outdoor furniture, or brick, even the synthetic turf would feel warm when touched. Here are three ways to keep your turf cool on hot days. Following these tips can help your lawn stay healthy and green all summer.

Install a sprinkler system – this will help keep your turf cool and hydrated.

Landscape automatic garden watering system with different sprinklers installed under turf. Landscape design with lawn hills and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset time Landscape automatic garden watering system with different sprinklers installed under turf. Landscape design with lawn hills and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset time. sprinkler system stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Unless you have artificial grass in Yucca Valley, CA, which requires little-to-no maintenance, you will need a sprinkler system to keep your natural grass healthy and vibrant. This irrigation system helps keep turf cool and hydrated by maintaining moisture levels in the soil for optimal growth conditions. It also saves on water costs as it allows for precision watering, meaning you’ll use exactly what is necessary. A sprinkler system installation provides peace of mind knowing your lawn will remain lush and green all year round. With artificial grass, a quick way to bring down the temperature and make your turf cool to your touch is by a quick sprinkle with your hose or watering can. 

Use a lawn mower with a bagger – this will help to collect any clippings and leaves that would otherwise heat the turf.

black and yellow push lawn mower on green grass during daytime

A lawn mower with a bagger is highly beneficial to your lawn care. Not only will it keep clippings and leaves from undermining the appearance of your lovely turf, but it also helps protect grass blades from overheating too much. Without the bagger collecting freshly-cut clippings, these clippings can decompose amongst the lawn, producing extra heat and thus causing damage to the turf. It can also cause other issues like increased pest infestation or fungal problems where the excess clippings and leaves tend to accumulate in one area. With artificial turf in your lawn, you would not have to bother much. A quick blower can blow the leaves and twigs, and a brisk brushing will have your blades straightened up and plush again.

Shade your Turf From Direct Sunlight and Use Infills that act as a coolant. 

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Keeping your turf healthy this summer requires consistent effort. Plant trees around your lawn, so it is always shaded and protected from the heavy sun rays. Consider using garden umbrellas or installing a gazebo to achieve the same effect. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, there are infills available in the market that can assist you in reducing heat impact by about thirty percent. These infills are granular and porous, facilitating proper airing and circulation (not to mention drainage). Also, if you can put the infill properly, it helps to keep the blades straight and in their usual upright position. By doing this, the infills facilitate stability and circulation. Consequently, your turfs feel cooler and more comfortable to touch, even during scorching summer. 

Following these three simple tips, you can help your turf withstand the summer heat and stay green all season long. If you use artificial grass on your lawn, make an informed choice while buying the turf. Various turf materials available in the market can reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Made of raw materials imbibed with heat management technologies, synthetic turfs from these materials can easily help combat heat even during the most sweltering summers. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.