Many people would tell you a dream car they have that they plan to get when they’re making money or dealing with a mid life crisis. Some people have simple dream cars, a pick up truck or something simple and big with a hefty engine that’s a blast to drive. Others may want cars based off brand and popularity rather than engine quality, it’s why Jeep’s are so in demand! Then there’s the classic desire for luxury, status, name brand cars such as Ferrari’s, Mustang’s, and list goes on.

Growing up, watching the teenage sitcoms that have glamourized what growing up really is like- most of us imagined or expected a car as an expectation once we turn 16. Some people do get car’s around that time to make their own lives easier. It seems fun and glamorous, and although it does resonate with the concept of freedom, it come’s hand in hand with responsibility.

“With great freedom, come’s great responsibility” are not words to take gently, they are wise words to live by. Each step of freedom adds a factor of responsibility to executing that freedom. This ranges from driving to something as serious as voting! For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on the concept surrounding this quote for new teen drivers.

Some people choose cars based off brands and style, other’s base it off what the best bang for buck is with their insurance rates and plans, especially for their kid.

Let’s start with one of the more basic and crucial questions; How much is car insurance for a new driver?

This is never a simple question, there are so many external, controlled, and uncontrolled factors and variables involved in determining the insurance rates for any driver. The location of the car, type of car, and the crime rates within the area’s the car will be often travelling to factors into the insurance plan. Often there is also the drivers history used as a measuring indicator, but that  is not very helpful for a new driver.

While the family figures out the insurance rates for the kids, they do often factor in the type’s of car’s that are safe, and fun for the kids to drive.

The most popular and in demand car for teenager’s is the Jeep Wrangler, in the top cars for teen drivers. The distinctive style, great advertisement, familiar branding, and intense engine and tires makes this car stylish, yet safe seeming with it’s tough exterior, and not too expensive (in comparison to others). Jeep’s, being so popular have a higher insurance rate than some other car’s within the same price range.

Nobody expects picking out a car to be an easy journey, especially for a first time driver, and ESPECIALLY for a teenager! The insurance journey alone is confusing, can be frustrating, and seemingly overwhelming, but just keep in mind that there are people and companies who want to help make this process easier for everyone involved, and you can receive different rate’s and policies depending on which insurance companies you browse.

Check out the different rates, and have a long discussion with your kid about what you are comfortable with, and what works for them as well. This way you both have a more clear idea of what is going on, what to look for, and it can avoid many fights and over whelming moments.

Kid’s driving is scary, but we did it, our parents did it. It’s a beautiful milestone and should be made as easy, fun, and stress free as possible.