Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan are expecting their first child together, as announced by the couple on social media.

Francesca Farago, known for her roles on reality shows like “Too Hot to Handle” and “Perfect Match,” is expecting her first child with fiancé and TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. The couple shared the exciting news on social media platforms, expressing their joy and gratitude for the journey they’ve embarked on together.


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In an Instagram post, Farago conveyed their appreciation for the support they’ve received, acknowledging the challenges they’ve faced, including previous losses during IVF treatments. She expressed excitement about the prospect of expanding their family and mentioned their dog Arlo as an integral part of their journey.

Francesca Farago Pregnant

Jesse Sullivan, sharing their story on TikTok, celebrated Farago’s pregnancy and Trans Day of Visibility, emphasizing the struggles they’ve overcome and his admiration for Farago’s resilience. The couple met during a Zoom interview, and their engagement followed in May 2023.

@jessesulli We’re pregnant! Its been such a struggle to get here, but we felt like TDOV was the perfect day to let you all in on our celebration 👶🏻👶🏻. Im so proud of @Francesca Farago ♬ To Our Daughter (Lullaby) – My Best Friend Jacob

The couple has been transparent about their journey, including IVF treatments, and despite challenges, they remain devoted to each other. Now, with Farago’s pregnancy, they eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their lives.

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