Reddit users can’t stop talking about Netflix’s Perfect Match– namely, cast member Francesca Farago! Caution- new episode spoilers ahead!

Netflix’s Perfect Match premiered on Valentine’s Day and since the series’ release, fans can’t stop talking about the cast! Namely, Francesca Farago!

Francesca Farago Perfect Match

Francesca is a cast member on Netflix’s latest match-making/dating series, Perfect Match! As mentioned on Netflix, the premise of the show involves “ten single stars from popular Netflix reality series who gather at a villa to find their first matches.”

Francesca is from Season 1 of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, and one of the cast members of Netflix’s latest Perfect Match. Throughout the series to date, Francesca can be seen mingling with the other singles in the house as she embarks on her journey to find her perfect match.

Caution- new episode spoilers ahead!

Francesca is definitely the cast member stirring the pot. Let’s talk about her matches throughout the series so far.

During the first few episodes, Francesca matches up with Dom Gabriel, originally from Netflix’s The Mole. The two seem to hit it off initially, with Francesca even feuding with fellow cast member Savannah Palacio (The Circle) about her talking to Dom. However, as the episodes go on, according to Francesca, there’s no real spark between her and Dom. This relationship seems pretty one-sided as Dom is visibly upset once Francesca leaves him to match with Damien of Love is Blind. 

Damien and Francesca give their relationship a go for a couple of episodes before Francesca starts listing off her “icks.” From there, Francesca is set up on a date with Abbey Humphreys from Netflix’s Twenty-Somethings Austin. Francesca and Abbey are both openly bisexual so they instantly hit it off on their date, with Francesca subsequently leaving Damien to match with Abbey in one of the most recent episodes to drop.

This is where the final episode of the moment leaves off, with Abbey and Francesca matching up and locking lips.

Francesca Farago

Image Credit: Netflix

Francesca Farago Boyfriend

Fans were confused when Francesca was announced as a castmate on Perfect Match because she has been open on social media about having a boyfriend. Francesca is currently in a relationship with Jesse Sullivan, and the duo has been taking to social media to show off their love.

According to this article, Farago admits that Sullivan refuses to watch the show.

Francesca Farago

Image Credit: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Elysium Media

Perfect Match Reddit

Let’s see what Reddit users have to say about the show and Francesca Farago in this trending Reddit thread:

A lot of users don’t agree with Francesca’s behavior on the show, calling her out for leaving multiple matches to pursue others and being bitter towards other cast members in the house who are actively trying to pursue their perfect matches.

“Francesca is extremely narcissistic In that she NEEDS to have all the attention of all the guys and girls at all times,” said one user.

“She doesn’t like the idea of them “enjoying themselves” around her, without her. She has main character syndrome and thinks the attention should revolve around her all the time,” agreed another.

“She is such a narcissist. I was never a fan of her on THTH but on Perfect Match she has really come across as self-absorbed, backstabbing, cruel, and as someone who uses people as a means to an end,” stated another.

What do you think of Francesca’s actions so far on Perfect Match? Be sure to check out the remaining episodes when they drop to see what happens next!

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