Dom and Georgia were one of the most compatible couples on Netflix’s Perfect Match– so what happened to the pair’s relationship after the show?

Dom and Georgia

The duo was voted as the winners of Netflix’s Perfect Match in the finale episode and received a shared prize.

Perfect Match Reunion?

A reunion episode featuring the cast on Netflix hasn’t been announced but the cast has been interviewed separately as part of the platform’s YouTube channel here.

dom georgia

Image Credit: Netflix YouTube

In that video, Dom Gabriel stated that the two of them ended their relationship after the show- even before they got the chance to redeem their prize.

Georgia Hassarati stated that they were at two different levels of the relationship.

However, Dom stated that their split came as a surprise because soon after the show ended- while they were still together, talking- Georgia went to do a certain podcast and the title of the podcast (when it came out) was: Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall in Love. He admitted to being blindsided.

Georgia claims she and Harry were so “weirdly unexpected” but that they shared a lot of similarities which was the “perfect recipe” for her to find someone when there’s no pressure.”

It looks like Dom is currently single but has allegedly gotten close with other cast members recently, such as Ines Tazi.

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati

Georgia is seemingly back with ex-boyfriend and former Too Hot To Handle co-star, Harry Jowsey. The duo has been spotted hanging out together recently on social media.

In a recent interview with Variety, Francesca Farago- another contestant on Perfect Match– commented on Geogria’s “sketchy” move getting back with her ex. She thinks it’s convenient that they’re back together “a week before [our] premiere.”

Check out what she had to say in this TikTok post on Variety Magazine.


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Francesca also dated Harry once upon a time.

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