What happened to Francesca Farago and her perfect match once they left the show? Let’s break down her time on and off Netflix’s Perfect Match.

What happened to Francesca Farago after Perfect Match? HOLR is breaking down everything we know.

Francesca Perfect Match

During the final episodes of Perfect Match, we saw Fracesca and Damian Powers matched up. The two seemed interested in only each other but by the series’ end, Francesca had to walk away from the relationship due to the fact that she didn’t think they would “work” outside of the show.

The duo remained a fairly strong couple throughout the course of Perfect Match, but Francesca still wavered at times. For instance, she chose to match with contestant Abbey Humphreys over Damian for a few days.

Francesca Farago


Francesca also matched with Dom Gabriel at the beginning and ended up leaving him to match with Damian. This initially ruffled a few feathers in the house.

Are Francesca and Damian still together?

It looks like Francesca and Damian are no longer together following the end of Perfect Match. They had previously dated but decided to rekindle their spark on Perfect Match. Although the pair seemed head over heels for one another on the show, it seems as though they did not continue their relationship after the finale as mentioned here.

Francesca Farago Boyfriend

According to this article, Francesca admitted to dating her now-boyfriend Jesse Sullivan before the show. However, she took to social media (here) to clarify that they didn’t become official until after she got back from the show.

The two are now in a happy relationship, documenting their time together on social media platforms such as TikTok.

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