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Many interior designers want to surprise their clients with stunning home designs. However, choosing which style is best for your client`s property could be difficult, especially if you are a newbie. Don’t worry since you can complete an interior design degree online to prepare you for this.

You can find several interior design enthusiasts who love sharing their learnings in the industry. Take such courses online, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

If you want to leave a beautiful mark as an interior designer, here are some of the best fresh interior designs for clients who like to be surprised.


The Japandi interior decoration is an amalgam of Scandinavian and Japanese influences. Japandi unites two very different civilizations that, despite their physical distinction, have a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Materials like wood, paper, and natural stone are used extensively in this interior design because of their specific connection to nature. Furthermore, you can also integrate a palette of colors in the Japandi style, including eggplant, terra cotta, dark green, and black.

Country Style

Do you want to try something new besides the monotony of city life? This beautiful cottage design, which began in the 17th century, may be readily incorporated into your client`s house with country-style accessories and furniture.

Interior designers can integrate pieces with characters, including accessories with minor flaws or patina. For a British feel, add a floral-patterned tea service and a Chesterfield couch. You can incorporate elements with custom floral design.


The industrial style is the most relaxed approach to decorating a home and has been popular since the 60s when it emerged for practical considerations. The patinated leather, wood patina, and concrete roughness all combine to provide a casual, lived-in, and rugged aesthetic that is very masculine.

You may adjust without sacrificing convenience by adding velvet pillows and pelts in blue, green, or deep reddish. Low-maintenance plants, including cacti, bright glassware, an antique Persian rug, or vintage tin signs found at flea markets, can also add a color pop.

There is no rule against blending the old with the modern. You should also be ready for do-it-yourself options. Copper or steel pipes, for instance, may be used to construct sturdy and inexpensive shelves and closets.


If you have a finicky client who wants to keep his property neat, minimalism is a great interior design to consider. Several things need to be clarified about the minimalist aesthetic that needs to be overcome. Minimalism is not only about having bare surfaces and walls; it also means not keeping anything of little value.

Although many minimalists like monochromatic schemes and lean heavily on white, you can also use other colors. Texture pairings, typographic motifs, and large-scale geometric accessories may all contribute to the harmony of a minimalist space.

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Final Thoughts

Knowing the unique features of various interior design styles may help you create an idea that will express the individuality of your client`s space. In addition, enrolling yourself in an interior design course is also a big step to up your skills.

Consider the interior designs above and see how these styles will surprise your clients.  

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