Why is “Gannon Stauch Autopsy Photo Reddit Leaked” trending? HOLR is breaking it all down. 

Gannon Stauch

11-year-old Gannon Stauch was reported missing back in January 2020. The top suspect in the case is Letecia Stauch, who was Gannon’s stepmother. After stabbing Gannon 18 times and then fatally shooting him, she reportedly stuffed Gannon’s lifeless body inside a suitcase that her half-brother saw her lugging one day while helping her move out of her Colorado home. Mentioned here.

Gannon Stauch Trial

A trial against Letecia is currently underway with investigators revealing that 11-year-old Gannon Stauch tried to fight back against his attacker. The boy reportedly suffered 18 sharp force injuries, 4 blunt force injuries, and one bullet wound, as mentioned here.

Gannon Stauch Autopsy

Dr. Susan Ignacio helped perform the autopsy on Gannon’s body and was recently called as a witness during the trial.  According to Ignacio, “Gannon’s entire body was decomposed, some of his bones were showing, and he was wearing the clothes he died in.” The cause of death was ruled to be a homicide in which Gannon ultimately suffered blunt force injuries to his head and a hole in his jaw.

A toxicology report was also conducted in which Acetametaphine and Hydrocodone were found in Gannon’s system. Hydrocodone was deemed unusual by the medical examiner on the case although Al Stauch- Gannon’s father- reportedly had a prescription for this. However, Al claimed he never gave it to his kids, and that only he and Letecia knew about it- as noted here.

Gannon Stauch Autopsy Photo Reddit

In a recent turn of events, Gannon Stauch’s autopsy photo has been leaked on the discussion platform Reddit, featuring the title “Gannon Stauch autopsy photo Reddit leaked, Letecia Stauch’s half-brother Dakota Lowry.”

So far there seem to be no comments on the threads, but it seems as though Gannon’s autopsy photo has been leaked online.

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