Looking to spruce up your skincare routine? Take notes on how WWE’s Mandy Rose stays camera-ready.

Between non-stop travel and a vigorous daily workout routine, it’s a wonder how WWE Diva Mandy Rose keeps her skin in tact. Her secret? In addition to the ultra-healthy lifestyle that comes with being a full-time athlete, Mandy has developed her own skincare line to maintain her signature glow. HOLR caught up with Mandy to get all of the details on her line of skin essentials due out next month, Amarose.

With so much on your plate, between WWE and your fitness app, why did you decide to get into skincare?

With my schedule, I’m travelling 300 days out of the year. I’m constantly in and out of planes and staying in different hotels but taking care of my health, body and skin is a huge thing for me. Your skin can get so messed up travelling between different climates. So when I was introduced to the idea of starting a skincare line, it felt like a good fit. 

The products aren’t launched yet but in the past four or five months that I’ve been using them, I’ve noticed great progress. I’m such a structured person and taking care of myself is so important and essential.




What is your beauty routine on the road? 

I have my travel-sized skincare products and larger sizes as well for when I go on tour for ten days or a few weeks at a time. It can be hard to stay on track but as long as I have something with me, I know that that’s what I need to do.

In the morning, I start with my cleanser and then I move on to my toner. Next, I use my serum, moisturizer and eye gel. I do that process twice every day: in the morning and at night. When I get home from a show or I’m driving to the next city for a wrestling event, I do that regimen to stay on track.

Does being in full glam while sweating take a toll on your skin?

For TV events, professional makeup artists do our makeup and you never really know what products they’re using. We try to use good stuff but sometimes you’re in a rush and you’re going live so you’ve got to get a face on quickly. But then you get breakouts.

When you’re going out in the ring and sweating with makeup on, that feeling isn’t the greatest. Also sometimes, I’ll land from travelling and I’ll only have a couple hours to do what I have to do. So I’ll land and feel so gross, then I’ll go to the gym and try to fit a shower in. Then, I’ll go straight to the venue to wrestle and shower afterwards. Then I’m back on the road driving to the next show. It can be a lot on your body and a lot on your skin.

Have you ever had skin struggles?

I’ve never had crazy acne. Of course, growing up we all go through puberty and I had a little bit. But since I’ve been involved with a lot of sports, especially wrestling, I do get some breakouts on my back from being on the wrestling mats and sweating. With this line, it’s just for your face to start but I do want to break into body scrubs and more hair products. I’m using it on a daily basis and I want to come up with the best formula that can help these things that I go through. 

What is the relationship between beauty and fitness?

They go hand in hand. In order to be involved in fitness, you have to feel good and look good. When I first got involved in the fitness industry, I developed a certain body type that I really fell in love with. I have always played sports and was always really athletic. I’ve also always had curves but I’m loving my curves right now and loving the way that I look. It’s all relative in the sense that when you look good, you feel good about yourself


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