Nothing in this life is more important than your health. Still, when undergoing treatment for a serious medical issue, it’s impossible to stop thinking about the health of your career. So, planning around the threats to your job status is highly advised.

Here are some of the key steps to ensure that your body and career are back to their best in no time in just five easy steps.

Focus On Your Health

If push comes to shove, your career can start over. The same can’t be said about your health. So, it’s imperative that your primary focus remains on getting better. Preparing for your hospital stay, for example, will allow your body to recuperate far sooner. In turn, you’ll be in a position to return to work far sooner, and maintain better productivity when you do. A commitment to good nutrition and healthy living should be seen before, during, and after the treatment. A healthy you is a better employee too.

Use Your Chance To Grow

When a medical situation requires you to spend an extended period away from the workplace, it’s easy to do nothing. Thanks to modern tech and communication, though, it is now possible to continue your development at home. A home-based course can help you become a better leader, learn new software, or gain a better idea of a new concept. This could be supported by preparations focused on progressing your career further. Networking, portfolio organization, and resume writing are all good examples.

Know Your Entitlements

Some companies take employee well-being seriously and will support you at this time. Others won’t. Some bosses won’t want to pay a staff member that isn’t working and may try to force you out of the company. Wrongful dismissal cases are far more common than they should be. If you find that you’ve been mistreated by an employer, seeking legal help is vital. However, you must read your contract or employee handbook in advance of your treatment to know exactly where you stand. It will remove any ambiguity.

Do What You Can

Depending on your job role, getting better may stop you from completing certain tasks for some time. However, that doesn’t mean you’re unable to work at all. Video conferencing may enable you to complete a lot of tasks. Especially in relation to managing junior staff members or meeting with clients. Doing a little work, without harming your health, can pay dividends. Aside from keeping you motivated, it will show your bosses that you are fully committed to the job at hand.

Follow All Aftercare

Whatever happens, you do not want to end up back out of action due to further hospital stays. If doctors have given you a lifestyle plan or a physiotherapy course following an injury, for example, you must accept it. Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing your body to a point where repeat damage occurs. Frankly, that’s the last thing you need. Besides, having that dagger circling above your head will stop you from working or living your life in style. A short-term sacrifice will bring long-term benefits.