Whoever said that denim cant is cozy never put on a pair of Everlane denim. As the weather is turning and the cold keeps creeping in, it is time to put away those tank tops and shorts and bring out those jeans and sweaters.

Admit it, jeans have always been the superior garment, from dressing them up to dressing them down, you could never go wrong with great jeans that are well fitted. When you don’t know what to wear, or you want to look good but feel comfortable, jeans are always the answer. 

Everlane has an ethical approach to their business, one that they share with you and can be proud of. Everlane sourced out some of the best factories in the world that make some of the highest quality garments. The factories, employees and Everlane have a strong bond where they are able to audit fair wages, reasonable hours and work environment. 

Everlane is also a company that wants its clothes to last, not only in terms of fabrics but in terms of style. Their ethically sourced materials are all grade A, including the cashmere crewneck, Italian leather shoes and Peruvian Pima tees. 

Everlane is not only ethical when it comes to workers and factories, but also the impact the company has on the environment. Everlane is sharing its two initiatives, one is eliminating all virgin plastic from the supply chain and 2 moving all cotton products and materials to be organic. Both of these initiatives will allow the company to take their own responsibility for themselves and their clients when thinking about the environmental footprint they leave behind. 

The Ridgid (90’s) Slouch Jean $143:

The slouch jean is the new boyfriend jean. This 90’s inspired pair of jeans is the perfect fit, right on the hips. This vintage-inspired look comes in 4 different washes, made of non-stretch, organic cotton. 

The Way-High Jean $128: 

Everlane’s highest high rise yet. The high rise jean keeps your shape and accentuates your waistline. The high waist makes your legs look longer, especially because between the 5 different colours you can also choose between regular and long jeans. 

The 90’s Cheeky Jean $143:

The cheeky jean is the perfect all-around jean. This is made from premium Japanese non-stretch denim. The straight-leg cut is perfect for any outing and any outfit. The high-rise also helps show off your curves and keeps everything looking cute. Coming in 8 colours and both ankle or regular length, this is the perfect pair of jeans. 

Everlane is surely doing denim right, giving you a range of cuts, colours and styles while keeping the environmental impact low and the cost even lower. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine