Everlane has just dropped two new shoes that will be your perfect sneaker for every outfit this fall/winter. 

Everlane is a company that makes the right choices when it comes to materials, work practices and much much more. The brand is radically transparent and wants to educate their customers on the vigours ways they are trying to make the world a better place, not only with environmental initiatives but also with ethical approaches to their labour workers. 

Everlane’s mission is to create designs that last, which means two things, one, not creating trendy designs that you’ll easily be over and done with, and two, creating products that last through all your wear and tares. 

Now, for the fall/winter season, Everlane has launched ReLeather, a shoe collection that is sustainable and will stand the test of time. This collection is made from recycled leather and has two new styles for you to try out, the ReLeather Tennis sneaker and the ReLeather Court Sneaker. 

This new sneaker launch is showcasing Everlane’s sustainable efforts. By creating stunning shoes like tennis and court sneakers, Everlane has made it easier for you to want to help improve the planet as well. The sneakers are made with recycled materials like polyester and made from recycled leather scraps. This material is a way to use less, including less water, less waste and no need for tanning and dyeing of the leather. 

The ReLeather program is a way to keep your lifestyle sustainable, and by using leather scraps the brand not only recycles but does not need to create more waste by using new leather. This collection is a perfect piece for anyone’s wardrobe, with both a male and female collection, the ReLeather shoes can be worn as a fashion statement or a sustainable statement. 

ReLeather Court $158:

The court sneaker is much more of a relaxed and sporty look. The shoe is made up of the same materials and includes a variety of colours. The design is the same as the original court sneaker but is now more sustainable. This shoe can be paired with a cool-cut pair of jeans for your everyday workwear or just a night out for drinks. 

ReLeather Tennis $158:

The tennis shoe has the exact design you think of, a classic, clean look with the occasional gum sole. The shoe is of course releather and comes in a variety of colour styles, including classic white or papaya-coloured gum soles. This shoe, especially in classic white can be used in your everyday looks but can also elevate your style, pair this with jeans or jazz it up and wear it dressed up with your formal wear. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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