The type of clothing you wear can certainly change the way you look. If it is not a flattering fit, clothes can make you look wider, they can make it seem that you have shorter legs than you do, and so on. But if a piece of clothing has the perfect fit on your body, you can look taller, thinner and you will surely have more confidence. 

When it comes to pants, there are many patterns, colours, and styles you can choose from. You can go for boot-cut, skinny, super skinny, high waist, low waist, loose, and many others. You can wear bright, dark, dotted, or pants with stripes, the choices are practically endless. However, depending on your body shape you will want to choose the ones that will accentuate what you like, and hide what you don’t like so much. 

If you have had trouble finding the perfect pants for your body shape, you have come to the right place. Read through the article we have prepared for you to find some useful tips and tricks. 

V shape

The body type typically called V shape is characteristic for its broader shoulders than hips. If you have this body type, you will want to look for pant choices that offer a wide-leg shape. These types of pants can help balance the difference between your shoulders and your hips. Adding a hip detail can be of great help as well. Of course, to get the maximum effect of these kinds of pants, avoid wearing blouses and jackets with shoulder padding. 

A shape

A shaped body has broader thighs/hips than shoulders, but also a defined waist, and if this is your body shape, aim for pants that have a little bootcut or flare that can balance your hips. To draw attention upwards, you can wear a darker colour with a patterned top. If you want to get a better fit, you can always wear a wide waistband.

I shape

This body type is popularly known as ‘boyish’. To add some curves to a straight body like this, you can add some pleats at the hips or waist. You can also wear pants that have a lighter colour at the top of ones that have some hip details. The point of this is to visually make your hips look wider, and therefore make your body look more balanced. 

X shape

If your hips and shoulders are balanced, and your waist is defined, your body shape is X. Look for styles with wide waistbands to make fitting easier. This body type usually requires some readjustments on pants, since they are rarely designed for a small waist. But, once you have a good fit, you will be able to show off your beautiful waist. 

O shape

People with this type of body have a tummy that protrudes and is the widest feature on their upper body. If you have this body type, wear slim leg styles as they are the most flattering. You can wear them with long tunic tops, while not looking overwhelmed by fabric. 

If you are having trouble finding pants that fit, you can always try buying pants at the maternity section. They are made to be nice and stretchy at the waist, so they will certainly be comfortable. And if you are feeling self-conscious about wearing pants like this, don’t worry. If you wear a longer top, nobody will ever even notice!


Even though tall is not exactly a body type, we know that people who are tall a lot of times have trouble finding pants with a perfect fit. If you are tall, when buying pants you should pay attention to the waistline height and the length of the leg. The best fit for you would be wide-leg pants or flared jeans. The wide bottom cut can compensate for your silhouette and make your figure more hourglass look. 


Just like in the previous case, the main obstacle with this body type is finding a good length of pants. If you have this type of body, there are two things you will want to take into account. First, shop for pants that are form-fitting and that are high-waisted. This way, your body will look elongated, which means you will look skinnier and taller. The other thing you should look for is ankle-cropped pants. This little skin reveal will allow your legs to look a bit longer. Of course, if you add a little heel to the whole outfit, your figure will be even more elongated. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. But, if that is something you had trouble achieving, we hope that your article has helped you. Next time you go shopping, hopefully, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit!

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