Brittni Alexandra is the founder of B.Beautiful, a trendy salon for all your makeup and grooming needs. Her experience in the beauty industry combined with her love of fashion helped steer her in the direction of opening her own space.

The salon offers high quality services, from lash lifts to 24K gold facials. The hotspot  also carries beauty brand favourites, like Salt & Stone and Patchology, so you don’t have to go far to find the perfect product. Brittni let us in on some beauty tips and tricks ahead of the holidays.

What is your number one tip for dry skin in the winter? 

Incorporate as much hydration and stimulation into your beauty routine as possible. You want to optimize collagen production and circulation to the skin, as this will enhance any other products you use on your face. The best way to achieve this is with a jade roller and the 3x Hydration Mist from B. Beautiful.


During the holiday season, there are a lot of events that require makeup, like dinners and parties. What should you do to prepare your skin and avoid breakouts? 

Correctly cleansing your skin is the most important. Most breakouts occur from makeup and residue left over on your face, and this creates a build-up of dead skin which can cause breakouts. How to do this: 

  1. Use makeup wipes to remove makeup (don’t use cleanser to do this or you will just move everything around). 
  2. Then, use a cleanser to clean the face (one that doesn’t foam because it will strip your skin). 
  3. Lastly, use the B. Beautiful cleansing water (this will tone and double cleanse anything left over to eliminate build up). 

After these steps, you can follow with your regular skin care regiment. 


What is a beauty trend we can expect this holiday season? 

Lots of hydrating mists. They will save your skin from dry winter air and heaters that can cause dehydration for your skin. Also, this time of year is a busy time for travelling, so the mist will protect skin from the recycled air on the plane. 

What are some steps you can add to your winter beauty routine to keep your skin glowing and fresh? 

The top three steps to add to your winter beauty routine would be: 

  1. A glow mask. This is going to hydrate and exfoliate for radiant glow throughout winter and year-round. 
  2. A really hydrating face cream. One of my new favourites is the Kypris Puff of Love Hydrating Cream (available in store at B.Beautiful) which is amazing for day and night. 
  3. Sleeping masks. These are great because your skin absorbs the full benefit of the mask while it goes through its regenerating cycle at night.   


What is a trendy new product or ingredient you’re loving for winter? 

Hemp seed is currently the biggest trend in skin care for hydration. My current favorite product would be our ‘Kypris Puff of Love’ cream, which contains hemp seed oil for maximum hydration that lasts. It is also very reparative and protective for your skin in the cold winter months.



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