Tell us about English Man in New York!  

Interestly enough when I first moved to NY at the age of 11 I was really obsessed with ‘The Police’ and ‘Sting’…his song Englishman In New York really put into words the experience that I was going through. I wanted to revamp the song in a way that still honored and gave dignity to it while also giving it a modern edge. The breakdown that you hear with the jazz elements was my way of giving homage to ‘Sting’. I’m really excited that this is the first release of the year and first release under my new name! -Ella Rosa

Why the transition from Opera to R&B?  

I still really love opera, I practice it daily. I do think that I was getting a little stagnant creatively when I couldn’t create my own melodies/lyrical content. I’ve always been inspired by strong female R&B legends since I was a little kid.

What are similar in singing and  music creation techniques you learned from Opera

Umm..opera to me is the ballet of music. I think it’s really important for most singers to learn that before they branch out. It taught me general theory and overall vocal strength which has carried me through thus far, so I can’t complain.

How do you incorporate your own life experiences into your music?

That’s the only way I really create music through my experiences. Most days I wake up and write down a couple thoughts and if something hits different then it will land itself in a song.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Relationships from sexual to platonic. I just love love!! 

What can we see next from you? 

I am in the process of booking really interesting shows and working on new live performance content that  I will be releasing soon!

What was it like creating, producing, and releasing during a global pandemic?

I was def more focused on the digital side of things as I couldn’t have much face time with people. It also became pretty hard when I couldn’t do shows to promote the song, but i’m extremely grateful for the support i’ve gotten so far and I wouldn’t be able to do it without my fans! 

What is a piece of advice or inspiration you want to share with others that you give  yourself for motivation or creative block?

I would say you are the only YOU, and your journey is unlike anyone else’s. Just keep your head down and keep working!!

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