Is Isaiah Washington of Grey’s Anatomy fame ending his acting career? The entertainment industry is buzzing with news of the actor supposedly quitting. HOLR breaks down what Washington has said about retiring early.

Isaiah Washington’s Twitter announcement

As noted by TMZ, Isaiah Washington has received a lot of harsh criticism for his acting in Grey Anatomy. Fed up with being constantly criticized, the actor finally stated on Twitter that his haters and provocateurs “have won”. Isaiah Washington formerly played the character Preston Burke in Grey’s Anatomy before he got fired in 2007 following a homophobic remark directed toward his co-star. He has also starred in the 1999 thriller True Crime. His appearance in Corsicanain which he played an American hero, would be his last acting gig.

In his tweet on Tuesday, Washington expressed his gratitude for fans who have supported him over the years and wrote that he “is not interested in politics or anything vitriolic.” He also stated too that he did not want to discuss the divisive ‘color construct’ that he believed has been polarizing human beings.

Isaiah Washington later returned with another tweet, as reported by Toronto Sun. In his newest tweet, Washington seemed to have changed his mind as he wrote “if I received just $1.00 from 5 million people, then I will have more than enough capital to continue to independently produce my own Bass Reeves movie project for a Fall 2023 shooting schedule in Arkansas and Oklahoma.”

Isaiah Washington with a scarf

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Isaiah Washington’s Experience on Grey’s Anatomy

According to Daily Mail UK, Isaiah Washington had denied the accusation that he used an anti-gay slur on his former co-star T.R. Knight. Washington defended himself by claiming that the whole argument, which also involved his other co-star Patrick Dempsey, was about him asking Dempsey to stop calling him a word that he thought meant “somebody who is weak and afraid to fight back.”

Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington allegedly did have a history of resentment. Washington revealed in an interview that the tension between them was supposedly about finances, but he also accused Dempsey of treating him badly on set.

Isaiah Washington as a doctor

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