Gucci has teamed up with Superplastic to bring clients an ultra-limited NFT. The NFT is designed by Superplastic artists Janky and Guggimon, who have worked alongside house creative director Alessandro Michele to design these limited sculptures. 

Gucci has become one of many brands that have decided to release the limited NFT’s, the brand announced they will have a limit of 500 sculptures all with the house’s unique floral code taken from the Gucci Aria era. The limit of 500 comes with an array of 10 different dreamscapes all designed by Superplastic and all represent the house. The NFT’s themselves are sold on the Superplastic website. 

Superplastic is the top world creator of animated celebrities, vinyl toys, and digital collectables. Known for its global entertainment, the brand not only has collapsed with famous celebrities and brands but they have also created collectables that have become the most sought-after pieces on the market. 

As Gucci enters the NFT game, it allows the brand to expand beyond its tradition of fashion, and it is exactly what the brand has been trying to achieve for the last couple of years. Gucci has become a brand that famous celebrities have been dressed in for years, but with its popularity, you know that when someone wears Gucci they mean business. 

The same action comes with the price of the NFT’s, as the brand is a high-end luxury brand, owning a limited edition, super unique NFT sculpture allows you to not only have bragging rights but a one-up on everyone else trying to wear or buy Gucci. 

An NFT made by Gucci is going to be representative of brand loyalty for many upscale clients, it would not be the fact that you own an NFT, but it would be a ‘status’ symbol that you yourself can afford someone so luxurious from the brand itself. 

Gucci and Superplastic have announced that the sculptures will be released on their website, and clients with access will have to hold the photo of their NFT in their wallet for a full hour before claiming possession, once you own the rights to one of 500 unique SuperGucci NFT’s the brands will then ship the sculpture to you later this year. 

It will be interesting who is revealed to have bought into the SuperGucci NFT and which celebrities will be receiving these packages later this summer. 

Article posted by HOLR Magazine