Actor Gulshan Devaiah and Kalliroi Tziafeta are dating again?

Bollywood actor Gulshan Devaiah has opened up about giving marriage a second chance. The talented artist, known for his versatile roles on the big screen, shared insights into his personal life, revealing that he and his spouse have decided to rekindle their romance. This revelation has sparked curiosity among fans, as they eagerly anticipate the details of this heartwarming journey.

Gulshan Devaiah is kicking off 2024 with a revitalized commitment to giving his marriage with Kalliroi Tziafeta a second chance. The couple is actively engaged in rekindling the flame, with the actor emphasizing the significance of their separation. According to Devaiah, this period of time apart has been instrumental, providing them with valuable lessons on navigating challenges more effectively and strengthening their bond.

The actor didn’t shy away from acknowledging the challenges that led to the initial separation. He shared valuable insights into the lessons learned during their time apart, emphasizing personal growth and understanding as key components in this journey of reconciliation. Tying the knot in 2012, Devaiah and Tziafeta went their separate ways in 2020. Nearly three years later, the couple, Gulshan Devaiah and Kalliroi Tziafeta, has recently rekindled their connection by embarking on a journey of rediscovery through dating once again. Th actor said- “We both love each other dearly and have a deep bond that is still intact. We couldn’t make it work the first time around due to a variety of circumstances but our circumstances are not the same anymore, we’re not the same. We both grew individually into better versions of ourselves. The separation was crucial to that.” (here)

Indeed, the actor believes that they have experienced significant growth since the initial phase of their marriage, expressing this sentiment by stating, “I understand myself better. I’m more secure as a person and professional. I’m better at communicating, better at accepting things. I have more patience. I am better overall at understanding and handling things”. (here)

The actor also says- “It’s tough and it contributed greatly to the deterioration of our relationship earlier but we both worked on it and are getting better at keeping work and personal life separate. For example, I don’t take or make work calls or texts before 9am and after 7 pm and Sundays are no work talk days. I’m borrowing the benefits of a 9-5 type of schedule my parents used to work in… their work never came home. At some point, I’ll probably get an office for myself, so I can physically separate myself from work and personal space”

Devotees of the Bollywood star will be delighted to know that Gulshan Devaiah and his spouse have not only decided to reconcile but have also taken the courageous step of rekindling the flame by embarking on the journey of dating once again. This choice showcases their commitment to nurturing the bond they once shared.

In an industry where relationships often make headlines, Gulshan Devaiah’s decision to give marriage another try challenges the conventional narrative. It reflects a genuine commitment to love and showcases the actor’s resilience in navigating through the complexities of personal relationships.

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