TikTok has been slamming Gwyneth Paltrow after she shared a clip of a wellness routine many feels is anything but healthy. Paltrow now gained the nickname “almond mom”. HOLR breaks down the origin of the term.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Controversial Wellness Routine

According to an article written by Parade, what Gwyneth Paltrow shared on TikTok is an example of Orthorexia. The medical condition orthorexia refers to a restrictive diet in which someone thinks they eat healthily but is actually limiting their calorie intake to an extreme degree.

Paltrow’s suggestion of what to consume in a day includes a cup of coffee in the morning, a bone broth soup for lunch, and “lots of vegetables” for dinner. The diet is meant to detoxify the dieters’ bodies and is also supposed to be paleo. TikTokers, however, are not convinced about the health aspect of Paltrow’s advice. One resounding criticism against the diet is that it is essentially asking dieters to starve themselves.

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The “Almond Mom” Nickname, Explained

Viewers of Gwyneth Paltrow’s TikTok clip have roasted her and even dubbed her “the final boss of almond mom, the mother of all almond moms“, but what does it mean?

As noted here, an almond mom is a parent or a guardian who imparts unhealthy eating habits or disordered eating to their children. In Paltrow’s case, she seems to be suggesting that the secret to dieting is to eat as little as possible and deprive one’s self of essential vitamins. Her critics have also pointed out that the daily IV treatments she gets are proof that she is far from being the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle.

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The term “almond mom” became a popular shorthand for a dangerous diet culture after a video of Yolanda Hadid telling her daughter Gigi to chew almonds, instead of eating a proper meal, went viral. The 2013 video, which was an excerpt of a comment Hadid made on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was famous for showing that Gigi was not feeling good and her mother told her to “have two almonds”.

Yolanda Hadid has since defended herself, saying that her comment about chewing almonds “really well” was taken out of context. According to PEOPLE, she was fresh out of surgery to remove her breast implants when Gigi called about not feeling good and the comment was not meant to be a mean-spirited remark.

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