One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by changing our diet, as what we take in is mostly responsible for added weight. However, sometimes people do not know the right diet to go on when they are losing weight. This is usually because there are so many of these diet plans on the internet that it may be hard to decide which one is best for you. 

Here are 6 of the most popular diets that would aid a quick and effective weight loss 


Yoli Diet 


If you want a diet filled with mostly fruits and vegetables, then this is the one for you. What is the Yoli Diet, you may ask? The Yoli diet combines fruits and vegetable supplements and eating plans that help you lose weight effectively. It is a maintainable diet, which means that you can always continue with the Yoli diet after you have lost weight. The diet plan involves lean protein and high-fiber food and just 80 calories. Yoli products improve your metabolism rate, give you energy, and make you feel lighter. The Yoli diet is not created for you to just lose weight. It also keeps you healthy, making it easier for you to turn it into an everyday thing. 


Keto Diet


At some point, this was the most popular weight loss diet out there, and it is because it is very effective. The keto diet is created in a way where you eat fewer carbs and more fats. This sounds weird, seeing as fat is the one thing you want to burn. However, the goal is to trick the body into using fats for energy instead of carbs. Whatever the body needs for energy, it burns. So the body burns all the fat you take in, including the residue fat, causing weight loss. 


Atkins Diet 


The Atkins diet is characterized by eating a low carbs diet while taking in fats and protein. So far, it has worked for many people, despite claims by specialists that the body does need carbs. Dr. Robert Atkins created the diet in 1972, where he promoted the theory in a book. The book will go on to become a bestseller, with many people immediately adopting this diet for weight loss. When you take in more protein than carbs, you have a reduced appetite, and this is how the Atkins diet works for weight loss by making you take in fewer calories via carbs. 


The Biggest Loser Diet 


With this dieting method, you have to eat a balanced meal with portion control. You get four fruits and vegetable servings every day, three protein servings, two whole-grain servings, and calories not going over 200. So, you can mostly eat what you like, as long as it is within the portion control you are given. The goal is to make sure that 45% of the calories you get come from carbs, your protein intake gives you 30%, and 25% comes from your fat intake. The best part of this diet plan is that you can eat all that you like, there are no food restrictions, but you must do it according to the portion control. 


The Optavia Diet 


This diet was introduced by Medifast and involved taking most of its products. These products are called fuelings and are supposed to keep you filled. However, you are allowed to supplement with some food, which involves one meat, veggie, and fat. This meal is called lean and green. The content of the fuelings are nutritious and contain fiber and protein. So, if you go along with the meal plan, you should always be full. When using the Optavia diet, you do not have to count calories. As long as all you take in are the supplements and the lean and green meal recommended, you will lose weight quickly and effectively. 


HMR Program 


This diet plan works with a meal replacement. If your meal has too many carbs, replace it with fruits and vegetables. More than being a weight loss strategy, the HMR is a healthy meal plan. When you feel like taking a snack, you replace it with fruit, and you are good to go. 

Just like every diet plan in the world, there are downsides to these plans, albeit little. Before you go on any of them, please consult either your doctor or a certified nutritionist. Secondly, do not try to use more than one diet plan at the same time. They are created differently for a reason, and your body may react rather badly. That said, if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, any one of the diets used above can help you achieve that.