On par with the timing of Coachella last week, Levi’s launched a refreshing campaign with two of the most iconic role models – Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith. This is just in time to provide the much-needed excitement that can only come from music and fashion and to celebrate the optimistic spirit of youth. Levi’s is historically and notoriously known to characterize democratic inclusion, youth empowerment, and the choice for those daring to push for a better tomorrow – great qualities that both Jaden and Hailey manifest. 

Levi’s CMO Jen Sey wrote a letter for the campaign: “As I look at Jaden and Hailey – our friends and partners – I’m so encouraged,” she wrote. “Hailey’s optimism and authenticity are inspiring. Jaden’s commitment to the environment, his passion to educate us on how we can all choose more wisely and responsibly. They challenge us (as individuals and as a brand) to be our best.”

We’re all experiencing something that is novel and unpredictable. Uncertainty permeates our actions and underlying anxiety that the economy as we know it is not sustainable. Many of us have had to put our hopes and dreams on hold. The natural exuberance of youth to seek connections with the outer world has been limited unnaturally. Summer is here and we’re missing out on our before taken for granted music festivals which filled so much of our quest for adventure. But there is hope through Levis!


Levi’s had initially planned for the collection to be geared towards music festivals, but to fit in with present-day circumstances – let’s not forget social distancing – they rebranded to fit the theme of youthfulness and optimism. Many of their items are incredibly versatile, timeless, exuding ‘summertime.’ The campaign portrays a sense of freedom and possibility in your own fantasy and dream world, with beautiful backdrop colours of pink, lime green, and baby blue, colours you’d find in wonderland or an amusement park. “There may not be any festivals but we’re launching the campaign anyway because we all deserve to dream a little.” said CMO Jen 

Sey and I couldn’t agree more. The collection comes with a range of patterned shirts such as succulents and floral. The Women’s line includes everything from classic Levi denim shorts to peasant shirts and the men s line includes classic Levi shorts and pants, patterned button-ups, t-shirts, and tapered shorts.

The campaign encompasses youth, empowerment, and sustainability. Once again – daring to push for a better tomorrow. Here is the opportunity to be stylish both physically and environmentally by opting for sustainable denim and to limit our carbon footprint. Quarantine has proven to us that quality supersedes quantity – who needs 500 pairs of jeans? Why not one that is sustainable so we can have a brighter future? This new way of living challenges us to realign our values and perspectives and Levi’s campaign is there to remind us of the passion, creativity and optimism that will get us through. The campaign is there to remind us that youth still have the power to define their world through a shift in perspective that encourages a world with depth and substance, with a sense of community, with tangible climate change efforts. The Levis campaign with its emphasis on youth empowerment and sustainability reminds us that we, the younger generation can carve our future.

A few timeless and staple items from the collection include white denim shorts and tapered shorts, a summer must as they are quintessential summer and sustainable. Levi’s manufacturing process can reduce up to 96% of the water normally used in denim and they’ve saved more than 3 billion liters and recycled more than 1.5 billion liters of water up to date as a result of their Water<LessTM innovations.

There’s a beautiful sense of integrity, compassion, and sustainability efforts within this campaign, that leaves us encouraged and uplifted.