The Silk Labs is a Toronto-based brand created by Jenna Labiak, a girl with great hair who couldn’t find the right functional and stylish accessories. Jenna created Silk Labs as a way to create products like silk scrunchies, that were more durable and could withstand thicker hair. For Jenna and many people, scrunchies became an accessory that was not only used for style but functionality as well. 

Scrunchies on the market are exactly what you think, not very durable especially for people with thick or a lot of hair, and they tend to stretch or are a material that pulls. The Silk Labs-created durable scrunchies that can withstand thick or a lot of hair but at the same time still look great. 

Each scrunchie is made of ethically sourced high-quality materials. For Silk Labs, they wanted to use the best material possible and with the best material comes the best result. For scrunchies especially, a hair product that pulls and tightens should be made of a material that won’t damage your hair, and silk is just that. It prevents frizz, doesn’t pull, and allows your hair to keep its shine. 

Silk Lab

As the company grew, many customers began to ask for a wider range of silk products, and Jenna and her team answered by providing versatile scarves that transition from hair or neck accessories to tops that can be worn multiple ways. The brand is announcing exciting news today, August 25th, as they launch their fall collection of silk scarves. 

Silk scarves are another great hair product and accessory. Scarves are a great fashion item as they can cover and wrap around your hair or be used as a bandana. If you don’t want to use the scarf in your hair it is also a functional accessory in many other ways like around your neck or on your bag. 

Its measurements are 90×90 which means they can be worn in over 10 ways. Another great thing is that the scarves like the silk scrunchies are made from ethically sources 100% mulberry silk, which is one of the finest silks in the world. The designs and patterns of the scarves are illustrated in Toronto, and thus unique to The Silk Labs. 

Silk Labs

The new silk scarves are going to be available in two patterns. The first is called the ‘In Bloom’ silk scarf and it is a black and cream illustration of an array of flowers with a black border.

Silk Labs

The second is the ‘Oasis’ silk scarf which is a predominantly green scarf with spotted patterns of pinks, purples, greens and blues. 

Make sure to visit The Silk Labs and get your hands on these wardrobe essentials before they sell out!

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Article published by HOLR Magazine