Winter is definitely not the first season that comes to mind when we talk about lingerie. With barely any skin showing, we tend to focus more attention on the several layers of clothing the cold season demands. But, same as with all other pieces of garment, each season requires appropriate lingerie. Therefore, a question arises: how to find the perfect lingerie for the upcoming cold days?

As the cold, wintry season quickly approaches, we all begin to tuck our beloved Summer outfits back into our closets along with the amazing memories of happy days under the sun we had in those garments. At the same opportunity, we pull out of our wardrobes heavier clothing items such as pants, sweaters, coats, boots, and scarves. A similar thing is supposed to happen to our lingerie collection, as summery pieces are no longer adequate.

But how to find out which are the best lingerie pieces for Winter? Lucky you –  as always – we are here to help you out with that! So here is a staple list of basically everything you will need to be fully ready for the colder days:

1. Everyday basics:

Woman in Basic Calvin Klein Lingerie for Winter

When the temperature drops, we have to start layering up so, having that in mind, you will need a couple of staple basic pieces. Your everyday lingerie needs to be the most comfortable ones, especially during Winter, when you will be wearing lots of clothing over them. Put aside that sexy but itchy lace thong, it will only make you very annoyed trying to fix it while dressed in so many layers and with gloves on. Boyshorts and larger panties should be picked instead. Also, make sure to select pieces made out of natural, breathable fibers to ensure more comfort to the skin. When it comes to bras, padded ones are a good choice if you want to avoid showing your nipples as they pop out with the chilly breeze. Besides, push-up bras can be very helpful to accentuate your body shape as the many knit layers can make your breasts look more flat. Laser-cut, seamless bras are also a good option when wearing tight tops as no bra lines will be showing on your outfit.

2. Special occasion:

Fashion Hold Ups Lingerie for Winter

If you are searching for special occasion lingerie – the kind of piece that boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel as sexy as ever – we suggest you consider investing in thigh-high stockings or hold-ups. Either matched to a simple lace set of bra and panties or worn with a garter belt, they provide warmth while making you look – very – good. Other nice, more covered, and sexy lingerie options include choosing a corset or a bodysuit since they are skintight and retain heat. Long gloves are also a great accessory to spice things up while keeping warm. However, we still recommend keeping the items in this category for special nights exclusively since they are not the most comfortable options for the day-by-day.

3. Hosiery, tights, and socks:

Women Fashion Hosiery Lingerie at Home for Winter

Photo Credit: Ali Express

Talking tights, there is an infinite amount of options regarding materials, colours, prints, and designs. Stockings are great substitutes to pants as they ensure warmth and add style to your Winter look all at the same time. They are also a blast to layer and can be paired with dresses, skirts, shorts, and coats. Black fleece tights are a staple during the cold season. Long and over-the-knee socks are other good allies, they keep your feet and legs warm and can be matched to a number of pieces. Those socks can be worn on their own or with suspender belts and they are very appropriate to wear with Winter shoes such as boots. They also look very cute to just stay at home, paired with lingerie or loungewear.

4. Sleep and Loungewear:

Woman Dressing Cozy Fashion Loungewear at Home

Forget about the light robe and pajamas from Summer and dig into warmer materials such as plush or velour robes and fleece jammies. No need to say that long sleeves and pants are a better choice for colder days. Winter pajamas come in a broad variety of styles, colours, designs, and patterns, so have fun picking your favorite pieces and stay cozy inside your home. Furthermore, if there is one thing we learned with the Covid-19 pandemic and the new working-from-home routine is the importance of loungewear. Pieces such as comfy jogger pants, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, and jackets are Winter must-haves.

Being warm does not have to mean looking ugly and to feel sexy you do not need to freeze. With these Winter lingeries solutions, you can keep warm while looking good. Pick the most fashionable yet comfy pieces for the upcoming cold days and stay cozy!

Published by HOLR Magazine.