All about the go-to hair care brand and its founder!

Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with the founder of The Silk Labs, Jenna Labiak, to discuss the brand’s beginnings and how she is changing the hair care game with her fabulous product line. The Silk Labs also recently launched a brand new product so keep reading to find out all about it!

Tell us about how you started the brand?

I noticed a gap in the haircare and silk market as a consumer. Why couldn’t she take care of her hair with high-quality silk while following the current trends and colours she wanted? Practicing haircare with fun products has been the goal for The Silk Labs product offerings, after seeing so many products she wasn’t satisfied with. I began sewing silk scrunchies while using stronger elastics so they wouldn’t slip out of your hair, in all the styles she wanted. The Silk Labs has taken these fundamentals along with community feedback to expand its product offerings beyond silk to become a “one-stop” hub for silk goods and silk hair care.   

What type of products does The Silk Labs sell?

The Silk Labs produces hair accessories and silk goods made in-house. It was important for me to offer items that are made ethically using high-quality materials.  

What makes The Silk Labs unique?

When looking at the market for silk goods, I noticed the business ethics and product offerings weren’t what she was looking for. Most silk goods have blush tones and mature patterns, being inspired by Gen-Z Tiktok trends and younger patterns, I wasn’t drawn to what was on the market. The Silk labs also source all silk ethically, using 100% Peace Silk, along with practicing ethical manufacturing.   

Tell us all about your latest launch, Silk Scarves.

We are finally launching a highly anticipated new product, our Silk Scarves! Our amazing audience has been asking for this product for at least a year. We took our time creating and manufacturing, and we finally created the perfect summer staple item everyone needs in their closet. Each scarf is illustrated here in Toronto (that’s right, you can’t get these patterns anywhere else!) and is cut & sewn in Toronto. For each scarf purchased we plant a tree in Ontario! It really is one luxury accessory you invest in, and you’ll have 10+ versatile ways to style it. Our scarves are 90×90 so you can wear them 10+ ways all summer long.   

What does the future have in store for The Silk Labs?

The Silk Labs wants to be a one-stop-shop for all things hair care and silk goods. We want to continue building our seamstress team here in Toronto, and building our product offerings.  We will continue to keep giving back when we can and continuing ethical business practices.  

Check out for more information and to shop the brand’s latest products today!