On Saturday, Halle Berry posted the image on Instagram and Twitter, showing herself leaning on the balcony railing naked with a glass of wine in her mouth.

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After she posted the picture, Berry, who co-starred in Moonfall with Patrick Wilson and John Bradley last year, was lauded as an inspiration by fans.

“I do what I wanna do. Happy Saturday,” the Oscar-winning performer captioned the photo to her 8.3 million fans.

In the post, Halle rested against the railing of a beautiful patio that was adorned with lush greenery. She took a sip of what appeared to be white wine as the sunlight spilled over her.

Though Halle was naked in the photo, she creatively concealed one arm across her chest and the intricate design of the patio, which cleverly covered her lower half.

While loose fringe framed her face, her golden locks spilled around her and fell over one side of her chest.

One fan wrote: “Looks like a cover from a romantic novel, one where a woman fell in love with herself wholeheartedly.”

Another commented, “Putting this on my vision board for my 50s”, while other commented: “When I tell you I just saved this for my summer vision board.”

Just a month ago, the actress shared another scorching naked photo. The actress took a photo in front of a steamy mirror after stepping out of the shower and captioned it, “hump day self love.”


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