Harry Belafonte Death – The musician died at the age of 96.

Harry Belafonte died at the age of 96, as People notes. The singer, actor, and songwriter died Tuesday morning as stated by a representative. He died “of congestive heart failure at his New York home at the age of 96, his wife Pamela [Frank] by his side.” according to the outlet.

Harry Belafonte


The Jump in the Line interpreter was not only an artist, but also a human rights activist. According to CNN, he was a good friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela and also became a UNICEF Ambassador. When asked about how he manages to be an artist and activist at the same time, Harry opened about the important role activism plays in his life. “I’ve often responded to queries that ask, ‘When as an artist did you decide to become an activist?’ My response to the question is that I was an activist long before I became an artist. They both service each other, but the activism is first.” he answered, as written here.

Harry Belafonte Family

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In 1948, Belafonte married his first wife Marguerite Byrd with whom he shared two daughters, Adrienne and Shari. Harry divorced Byrd in 1957 and married his second wife, Julie Robinson. With Robinson, the artist had two children, David and Gina. In 2008, Belafonte married his third and last wife, Pamela Frank, as noted here.

Harry Belafonte Hits

The artist used to sing folk songs before he became the “King of Calypso”. He gained recognition after releasing the hits Day-O (Banana Boat Song) and Jamaica Farewell, this source mentions. Some of his popular folk albums were Harry Belafonte, Mark Twain and Other Folk Favorites.

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