What happened to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?

Former reality villains Heid Pratt (nee Montag) and Spencer Pratt first rose to fame on the series ‘The Hills’ in 2006.

But almost two decades later, the couple are trying to become famous again and have reportedly been trying to get back on T.V.

And in a recent interview with Page Six, Spencer Pratt admitted that he and his wife had not given up on being reality stars.

“We’re out here pitching a reality show every day trying to get on TV.”

Also, Montag and Pratt also started a new Podcast called “Speidi’s 16th Minute,” that talks about hot topics and all things celebrity.

heidi montag spencer pratt on being famous

Credit Image: Roger Kisby/ Page Six

But his admission to wanting to rekindle their reality star status, kind of contradicts statements he made in the past.

In the past, Pratt and Montag have blasted reality T.V for how they were treated, being too fake and generally ruining their lives.

But apparently, neither of them could stay away from the lure of fame, even after 17 years.

When the desire for fame becomes an obsession.

While in an interview back in 2010, Pratt admitted “I’m a famewhore and I’ll never grow out of it.”

During a brief breakup with Montag around that time, Pratt said that Heid just didn’t want to be famous anymore.

heidi montag spencer pratt podcast

Credit Image: Roger Kisby/ Page Six

However, an article with the Daily Mail in 2019, Dr. Drew Pinsky touched on the obsessive desire for fame.

Which sadly remain as strong as ever with the popular platforms TIK TOK, Instagram, Only Fans and Podcasting.

When ordinary people become instantly celebrities, Dr Drew described it as “addictive as any drug.”

So, that may be the reason former reality stars like Montag and Pratt try to be famous when they’re just not anymore.

And why so many “celebrities” went down such dark paths to stay relevant and in the spotlight.

From substance abuse, mental health issues and even legal trouble have been plaguing celebrities more in recent years.

Especially as the internet and social media platforms grew and it became easier to get famous.

Inside Montag and Pratt’s “Speidi’s 16th Minute” Podcast.

According to Pratt’s interview with Page Six, the Podcast explore the “underbelly” of the reality T.V.

In addition to that, the podcast also talks about the impact it had on pop culture, and who would know better than them?

The Podcasts apparently aim to be the “inside scoop” of what Hollywood allegedly doesn’t want to reveal.

First plan of action, according to the couple is build a media empire inspired by the “famous for being famous” trend that began in 2007.

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