Everyone can’t stop talking about influencer Remi Bader’s weight loss journey. 

Remi Bader Weight Loss

Remi Bader, an influencer who has over 700K followers on Instagram, has sparked controversy online after she revealed the weight loss journey she is on.


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Remi Bader Weight Loss Reddit

The TikToker, who recently broke up with her ex, has taken to the gym to focus on her mental, physical, and emotional strength. In doing so, she has been sharing her progress with her audience. This related Reddit thread questions how Bader seemingly lost 20 pounds in one month. As a result, people have been leaving their opinions on the claims in the discussion section about how Bader may have dropped the weight so quickly.

“It’s way easier to lose weight fast when you have weight to lose. The Wellbutrin thing absolutely could knock off 20 pounds easily.”

“She said she’s on Wellbutrin & it’s killed her appetite.” What is Wellbutrin? It is an anti-depressant medication. One of the side effects can be weight loss.

“She is on antidepressants and that has a widely known effect of killing appetites for a lot of people (im also on Wellbutrin and it did the same for me). it’s a law of physics – heavier objects have more intertia and more inertia = more force/more energy to move. So if a heavier person started to lose weight, even just little things, like not eating as much or walking around more etc, they lose way more weight exponentially than someone who is lighter because they take way more energy to do the same functions. So yes if someone is very overweight and they aren’t eating it’s completely plausible to lose more than 20 pounds in a month.”

Although Bader has been open about her weight loss journey in terms of going to the gym, there is no concrete evidence to support claims that the above is legitimate or not. 

Remi Bader Weight Loss surgery

Did Remi Bader get weight loss surgery? This is a question people online have been wondering but Bader has not come forward to address the alleged claims and there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

what are your thoughts on Badere’s recent weight loss journey? 

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