In the gaming world today, the way characters look has become very important. While it was possible to play online games as they were back a couple of years, any multiplayer game today without the ability to customize your character is pretty much akin to dead on arrival.

Epic Games, the creators of the world-popular Fortnite, is dominating in this field. With numerous collaborations with well-renowned artists, musicians, and even brands; something is always going on behind the curtains.

However, there’s more to Fortnite customization than what meets the eye. While it makes your in-game character look good; customization in Fortnite is more about making the overall game experience feel more personal with your outfit preferences and styles. 

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With that said, now fashion brands have taken a step forward by transforming their digital collabs into physical products!  

Why Fashion Brands Have Started Collaborating with Video Games?

While fashion brands are exploring new ways to connect with their consumers, collaborating with video games is a path that shows great promise and big profit potential. Nevertheless, given the fact that the fashion industry is not running low on cash, one cannot help but wonder as to “why” are they doing this.  

The answer is pretty straightforward: the landscape of advertising has shifted. 

This is because where TV was once the go-to medium for reaching consumers, today’s audiences are more likely to be found online, engaging with social media, or immersed in video games. And this change has revealed a hugely and mostly untapped market of over 3 billion+ gamers which presents a very lucrative opportunity for fashion brands to capitalize on.

And when we take a closer look at the gaming world, Fortnite stands out as a prime example of this immense potential. According to, a site tracking player activity, the game’s popularity recently soared to new heights with over 11 million concurrent players at one point, breaking all previous records.

As such, by stepping into this relatively uncharted territory, several brands have already seen encouraging results. Collaborations with games like Fortnite have led to the release of in-game items as well as physical products in the market that have practically blurred the lines between virtual art and physical fashion.

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A Quick Review of 3 Different Franchise Collabs with Epic Games

To date, Epic Games has conducted numerous collabs with different franchises, brands, and celebrities. Here are 3 of them that brought 

First up is the groundbreaking collaboration between Ralph Lauren and Fortnite, which introduced a digital-first collection to the metaverse. For the first time in its illustrious 55-year history, Ralph Lauren reimagined its iconic Polo Pony logo for this venture. Gamers were treated to an exclusive range of outfits and accessories in the Fortnite Item Shop, while the real world saw the launch of a physical capsule collection. A standout piece was a boot designed to mirror its digital counterpart from Fortnite.

Another notable collaboration came from Oakley, which teamed up with Fortnite to create a special eyewear collection. This range included the Oakley Helux Fortnite, featuring Prizm Gaming 2.0 lenses to reduce screen glare and enhance visual clarity for gamers. Meanwhile, the Oakley Hydra Fortnite sunglasses boasted golden Prizm 24k lenses, designed for outdoor wear with a colorshift paint treatment that echoed the exhilarating skydiving experience in Fortnite.

The collaboration between The Weeknd and Fortnite marked a significant moment in the Fortnite Festival event, where the artist headlined. This partnership yielded a merchandise line that included bomber jackets, hoodies, tees, and various accessories, all of which melded The Weeknd’s iconic style with Fortnite’s unique aesthetic.

To Wrap It Up

Although gaming has long been a way to escape from reality, getting your hands on gaming merchandise is like having a cherry on top of a cake! While the base Fortnite game is fun, its overall experience becomes all the more exciting when you get to purchase Fortnite-themed merch items as well as customize your in-game character. All you need is a Fortnite account to get started!

Published by HOLR Magazine.