From Spice Girl to reputable fashionista, Victoria Beckham went from girl group singer and pop star to a fashion icon and designer. 

Victoria Beckham was already a household name in one industry: The music industry. However, she worked her way up into being a household name in another one, the fashion industry. Victoria Beckham went from Being Posh Spice to being a celebrity creative director of her own fashion line!

Victoria Beckham had proved herself to be “posh” since her Spice Girls days. Her image remains elegant, stylish and luxurious. Posh Spice was a part of the English pop girl group that formed in 1994. She is known for her group’s many hits from Wannabe to Stop, she and her girls were making moves on the eclectic fashion scene of the ‘90s and their hits were inspiring women’s empowerment globally!

Spice Girls at VMA'S IN 1997

Image Credit: WireImage, photographed by Terry Mcginnis

Although the group had broken up in the ‘2000s, Victoria Beckham’s success did not stop when the group ended. She grew separately ever since, from an individual music career to embarking on a new type of partnership; her’s and David Beckham’s relationship made the pair an “it couple” that was headlining everywhere.

Victoria Beckham was recognized for her ever-so-chic style and classic presentation. She has been making Red Carpet appearances and her own sense of style started becoming more and more apparent throughout the years. She always kept it “posh” with her tailored-to-perfection outfits while channelling luxury through minimalism rather than flashiness. Beckham also focused on mastering a feminine silhouette that is flattering enough to make a statement through her outfits. 

Her interest in fashion was very clear, whether it be from her walking in the Maria Grachvogel show at London Fashion Week in 2000, a short collaboration fashion line: VB Rocks with Rock & Republic, writing a style advice book called Half-Inch to being the face of a Marc Jacob’s campaign in 2008. Victoria Beckham started steering away from music and becoming more involved with the fashion world. 

Victoria Beckham Fashion Week London 2000

Image Credit: Getty Images

In 2008, Victoria Beckham launched her own fashion line called Victoria Beckham. At first, it was a collection of 10 dresses that were ready to wear, with luxury materials and prices, refined designs and styles as well as receiving amazing feedback, it was evident that this line would not be short-lived and would grow to an extensive range of clothing and collections. 

Victoria Beckham First Collection

Image Credit: Vogue

Many doubted that a mini collection debuted at the Waldorf hotel would turn into a globally successful company and powerhouse. Victoria Beckham proved that her line excels in craftsmanship and elegance while making it in the high-end fashion world. From making it in the e-commerce world with her site and online shopping profitability to making it to New York Fashion Week with her new ready-to-wear line: Victoria, Victoria Beckham in September 2011. There is almost nothing that Victoria Beckham did not make it in!

In September 2014, Victoria Beckham launched something close to home, a physical and permanent way to shop Victoria Beckham! She opened her own store on 36 Dover Street, London, United Kingdom. The interior is beautiful and aligns with the style of her clothing, a modern and classic space that makes a statement!

Victoria Beckham at her store

Image Credit: Victoria Beckham

From other remarkable fashion week collections to a range of seasonal lines. Victoria Beckham has given the world a range of her talents, from her offering of cuts and silhouettes that are to die for to staying true to her English charm through the style of her designs. Victoria Beckham has given the world collections that are very promising. Most recently, she dropped her permanent capsule collection called VB Body in 2022. 

The collection is a range of so many colours that serve justice to the body, meant to fit well and flatter women. You can shop the collection here. Victoria Beckham served the world with music, her “posh” fashion style, and as a designer that is worthy of admiration. Her journey in the fashion industry is notable for her ongoing success and desirable taste, Victoria Beckham has proved herself as a true fashion designer that sticks to her foundation while providing something new each time!

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