As summer draws closer, so do exams and work deadlines which tend to pack on stress. Relax with these amazing top 5 games designed to give you a good time.

While there are many ways to deal with stress, some of the more fun ways are by playing relaxing video games. Aside from well-known titles like Minecraft, Untitled Goose Game, and Animal Crossing, these are our top ‘5’ video games that will put some fun into your stressful days.

Credit: ABZÛ.


The stunningly beautiful game takes you through a magical underwater adventure. As you bring life back into the desolate environment, you will be reinvigorated through your creation of life. Being 2 hours in length, every level of the game is another spectacle to behold upon completion. This gorgeous game with its stylised art is a perfect game to time your breaks to – with every new environment or animal you rehabilitate being the length of your break.

Credit: Firewatch.


FireWatch is a slow paced story-rich game. Explore the vast expanse of beauty nature has to offer, filled with picturesque views in the charming art style. This game deals with more adult-mature content and brings a sense of reality to the artsy world. The game is really to be praised in the dialogue and interaction between the main character and Delilah. FireWatch makes our top list due to the engaging experience of the game whilst providing the calming outdoors and teaching us to take life for what it is.

Credit: Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher

For a more free-play sandbox game, Slime Rancher offers a cute colourful world where you slowly explore and foster the care of these adorable slimes. Using their poop as a means of financial gain, Slime Rancher is a wonderfully fun game to play and pass the time relaxing.

Credit: A Short Hike

A Short Hike

A fun little game that can take anywhere between a few minutes to several hours. The experience is what you make it to be as you adventure on a short hike to receive reception in a scenic environment with the freewill to interact with your environment and fellow hikers as you please. A game that’s enjoyable for all, it pays homage to the classics while being a release of its own.

Euro truck simulator

Credit: Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator 1 & 2 + DLCs

There is something very calming about driving, the subtle hum of the engine, the steady road ahead remaining the same while the scenery changes. Euro Truck Simulator offers a very calming and peaceful gameplay as you explore the everyday life of the many cities you traverse. With a vast selection of locations, Euro Truck Simulator is a perfect selection to relax after a long day’s work.

Once you’ve enjoyed your break and start getting an urge for adventure, we recommend you check out these 3 games that will satisfy your desire for adventure.

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