Sisters Nerelle and Rochelle are co-owners of a chic and curated style blog, Swank & Roche. Their effortless feed is beautiful, feminine and consistently on trend. They consistently collaborate with brands, businesses and each-other, making blogging a big part of their daily life. Read on to see what steps they took and how you too could make an income with Instagram.

1. When did you first start Swank & Roche?

We created our Instagram account back in 2014 but never really used it, we would post occasionally, mostly inspo and didn’t have any direction or real purpose for the account. It’s only been in the last two years that we started to pick things up and decided this was something we actually wanted to pursue. With that being said, we would say we officially started our style blog Swank & Roche in the latter part of 2016 and here we are today!

2. What do you think makes Swank & Roche unique in comparison to other blogs and influencer businesses?

As a sister duo, there is never a dull moment! We are two different personalities and together we bring a new mix of ideas, opinion (sometimes opposing!) and interests to Swank & Roche. We complement each other and are all about adding our own touch to everything we do and we try to stay true to that in our work.

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3. How would you describe Swank & Roche to someone who has never heard of you before?

Lifestyle with a touch of all things Swank & Roche!

4. Do you have any other jobs or businesses? If so, what are they and how do you find balance between a day job and your business?

Currently we do balance other work commitments. One of us works full-time and the other part-time whilst studying at university. It does get busy quite quickly, but we are both very ambitious and passionate individuals so we really live of the buzz! It has definitely forced us to be more efficient and organised and we try to keep a routine as well as make time to ‘switch off’. Going to the gym, downtime, pursuing our own passions and just doing nothing are all things we try to make time for to stay sane.

5. What message do you want to send to visitors/followers of Swank and Roche?

This is quote we wrote, which we think sums up our answer to this;

You are worth more than gold itself. You are more precious than the rarest gem – for there can only ever be one of of you. Nothing can ever replace you, your soul is magical, your capabilities are endless and your passions fearless. You can change lives with kindness, warm hearts with a smile, you can change the world. You can do anything you imagine but you must know the greatness of you.

6. What are your goals for yourselves and the brand?

We each have our own list of goals, some a little further off than others! One of our goals is to make time to develop our passions.

As a brand, we want to continue to to bring across our individual passions to Swank & Roche, so that people get a real glimpse of ‘Nerelle & Rochelle’. We want to create something that we can look back on in the future and be truly proud of, something that we can say was fuelled by our consistent hard work and hopefully someday inspire other people to do the same.

7. Name a current favourite right now: beauty product, outfit, food, drink, Netflix show

Rochelle –

Beauty product: The RMS beauty range

Outfit: A ruffle wrap dress

Food: This is probably the toughest question of them all, because I can’t pick one favourite – I just love food!

Drink: Tea

Netflix: Suits it’s definitely my go to! 


Beauty product: RMS Beauty Uncover-Up (Shade 44)

Outfit: A blazer with gold buttons paired with a mini skirt or denim

Food: So many favorites, especially if my dad’s cooking, but I will always reach for any tropical fruits

Drink: Fresh squeezed Juices

Netflix: Currently, I’m loving ‘The Crown’

8. What is the best and worst part of working with your sister?

We’re very honest with each other, this probably ticks the box for the best and the worst part of working together!

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