R&B vocalist MikexAngel got his first start in music from singing in church. Born in Virginia, he received encouragement from his family and community, gaining confidence and skill.

Developing his own smooth and honest sound, Mike was able to attract the attention of Trey Songz manager, Mu, and was given an audience with the singer. Through mentorship and a new-found spotlight, Mike’s music gained a loyal underground following, anxious for his next release. We sat down with MikexAngel to hear about his career, sound, and next steps.
You’ve been passionate about music from a young age, did you ever think you’d have the opportunity to make it into a career? 
MikexAngel: I always knew I wanted to be apart of the music industry in some way, but I never thought I would have the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with.
There’s a refreshing honesty to your music that can be hard to find in a lot of sound these days – do you ever feel vulnerable before you release new work? Why do you think that honesty is important to you, your brand and your fans? 
Whenever I release a song it’s normally the way I feel at the time. I can’t sing about it if I don’t mean it, or believe in it. I just recently released a song called “insecure” because I truthfully am insecure about a lot of things.  So the answer is yes, I feel very vulnerable before releasing my art.
3. Soundcloud Rap & mixtapes have become a huge part of hip-hop/rap culture. How would you describe the Soundcloud/underground rap/hip-hop community? 
I love it! I’m really into finding new music that inspires me . SoundCloud has been a major platform for unsigned artist. It’s like Facebook for musicians.
4. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never listened to your music? 
Good question, the only ways I can describe my sound is in a few words I guess… unpredictable, straight forward, & honest.
5. Who are your musical influences and why?
I’m inspired and influenced by a lot of different artist, but my favorite is Michael Jackson. He’s been one of my favorites since a child . I think he had the whole package, something a lot of artist don’t have these days.
6. How would you describe your latest project, ‘Elephant In The Room’? How does it differ from ‘Nothin To Somethin’? 
NOTHiN2SOMETHiN (N2S) was a project that I felt was held on to for too long. Most of the songs on that project were already a year or 2 old. So upon releasing the project I didn’t have the same connection with the songs. It was very  raw and most people don’t know I wrote every song on there. I’m proud of what N2S did and the response I got from my supporters. I feel like ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (EITR)
is more of how I’m feeling at the moment. I grew a lot since my first project, I’ve been through some dark times but at the end of the day EITR is the light. I don’t want to give away too much but it’s a big change from N2S .
7. Your life motto, ‘There will be Blood’ is all over your social media – what does that mean to you?
There will be blood… it’s just a message to myself and anyone else who feels like the underdog. A silent revenge, which ironically keeps my journey very peaceful.
8. What do you want to achieve that you haven’t already? 
Well there’s a lot of things I want to do that don’t involve music. Musically, I want a Grammy. I want to work with all the artists that inspire me. I also want to take care of my family.
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