You need to try these!

Healthy food is always in style! Next time you need some healthy food inspiration make sure to check out and try some of our top faves down below!


Kombucha is very popular at the moment and for so many great reasons. The drink is delicious and incredibly healthy. Kombucha is fermented tea, and often times fermented a second time to add distinct flavour and to carbonate the drink.

Kombucha became popular due to healthy food choices being a top trend, and since Kombucha is full of healthy probiotics – which are great for your digestive health – it fits right in! As a kombucha maker myself, the process is extremely simple and incredibly cheap compared to store bought kombucha. You can find an easy guide here, so you can enjoy this delicious drink anytime you like!

Plant based foods

Veganism and vegetarianism continue to grow in popularity as more people are opting to become more health conscious, and eco-conscious. 

Meat alternatives have recently gained popularity as technology advances and people learn to make meat alternatives taste better and better. Beyond meat is an example of a popular meat alternative. You can now buy meat alternatives at fast food places like A&W, which wasn’t as common a few years ago.

A package of Beyong Burger Plant based pay´tties on top of stove with hamburger buns.

Pickled foods

Pickling originated 4000 years ago, and it’s been – and it continues to be – a health food trend for a lot of good reasons. Even though the initial intention for pickling was to preserve foods, pickles are enjoyed specifically for their taste. Pickling also improves the nutritional value of the food. It’s popular nowadays because it’s a cheap, easy, convenient and delicious way to prepare food. 

Spaghetti with vegetable noodles

We all know our tried and tested spaghetti, as it is a staple in many diets around the globe. However, vegetable noodles are making a revolution in the culinary world! Invented by Ali Maffucci trying to use zucchini based noodles for her diabetic mother, vegetable noodles are taking the world by storm. With flavors to match that often surpass that of regular noodles, it’s no wonder this healthy recipe is super trendy right now.


Lastly, Focaccia is an easy to learn trendy recipe. Originating in ancient roman times, this flatbread recipe somewhat resembles pizza. In fact, it is often called pizza bianca. With a cute decoration at the top of the loaf, this tasty dish has gained popularity for its simple yet delicious appearance. As a fun and easy recipe to make, Focaccia is a trending dish for you to try to make at home.