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It’s safe to say we’ve all been taken over by ‘Barbie fever.’ Whether you’re in it for Ryan, Margot, or your childhood Barbie – the internet has made sure that you’re going to be a fan of the film – if you weren’t already! Margot has been seen donning previous Barbie doll outfits at each of the film’s premiers, and we’ve been influenced – ‘barbiecore’ fashion is now an absolute frenzy.

We know that most of the Barbie filming took place in LA. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll want full details of each square meter of road those Barbie feet pattered over. Although we can’t provide exact details, we can do one better and use our knowledge of all things LA to give you the ultimate Barbie LA itinerary.

Getting Around: (Barbie) Car

So, you’ve landed in LA and you’re ready for your Barbie adventure. But first, let us give you the lowdown on why strolling around LA on foot may not be the breeze you had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, LA has its fair share of pedestrian-friendly areas. But this city is HUGE. For this reason, booking a rental car service, especially with an Avis discount code, will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace, make spontaneous pit-stops, and zip from one hotspot to another without being held captive by schedules. With your trusty and *hopefully* pink rental car, you can easily navigate to those picturesque beaches and Barbie hotspots to make your stay as legendary as possible. Plus, you’ll have the added comfort of air conditioning to escape the California heat – that could cause havoc on that fresh blow-dry!

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Where to Stay: Pink Palace

If you’re looking to live like Barbie during your stay in LA, you’ll want to choose accommodations that match your glitzy and glamorous lifestyle. Lucky you, this city is all about luxury and style. And there’s a fantastic option to make you feel like a true Barbie in her Dreamhouse; the Beverly Hills Hotel, otherwise known as ‘Pink Palace.’

Known for its distinctive pink exterior and glamorous decor, the Beverly Hills Hotel exudes timeless elegance. A celebrity hot spot that features luxurious rooms and suites, greener-than-green gardens like something from the Barbie picture itself, and a beautiful pool area where you can enjoy a true Barbie-esque pool party. 

What to Do: World of Barbie

Start your Barbie-esque LA stay strong by heading straight to the 90401 where the World of Barbie is based. Located at the gorgeous Santa Monica beach, you can expect a fully immersive Barbie experience in this delightful Barbie dreamland. Get ready for a museum of Barbies houses, themed beverages and cupcakes, and interactive rooms. And if you’re lucky – there may be a stylist on site to style your hair like a Barbie! One woman of 44 years old left a TripAdvisor review stating how much of a blast the whole experience was, and she even got to jump on Barbie’s bed! You’re never too old to be a Barbie girl. And the world of Barbie in Santa Monica truly is a Barbie-girls dream come true. 

What to Do: Hit Up Rodeo Drive

To go the full measure of Barbie in the big city, you have to hit up Rodeo Drive. This location encapsulates the epitome of luxury, fashion, and glamour. Just like Barbie, who is known for her impeccable style and love for fashion, Rodeo Drive offers a world-class shopping destination that caters to fans seeking a high-end and extravagant Barbie-like retail experience. So, put your chicest outfit on and indulge in all the personalized service you’ll receive. Don’t just do it for Barbie, do it for Julia Roberts and all the other females wanting to live their Barbie-Pretty-Woman dream!

Where to Eat: The Ivy

Known for its charming, flower-filled patio, The Ivy is a Beverly Hills hotspot that exudes Barbie-like elegance. The restaurant’s colourful and chic decor sets the stage for a delightful meal, and its menu features California-inspired dishes with a touch of indulgence. Don’t forget to try their signature dessert, the famous Ivy cake, for a sweet Barbie-approved treat. 

A Barbie-Tastic Stay

So, go ahead and channel that inner Barbie with this ultimate Barbie-related itinerary. Be the main character and create memories that sparkle like the stars in the Hollywood sky. LA offers a dreamlike experience that will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and ready to conquer the world with grace, style, and a touch of pink. As Barbie herself would say, “You can be anything you want to be!”.

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