When it comes to planning a great holiday party, it often starts with a great cocktail list. While there were once days when we would resort to hosting with bottles of wine and vodka sodas, those days are now behind us. Well, kind of. While bottles of wine and vodka sodka’s are, of course, still welcome, we like to liven up our parties with a list of cocktails that leave an impression. Fortunately, some of our favourite alcohol brands have got us covered with inspiring recipes for any holiday occasion. Indulge in these 6 cocktail recipes by Patrón, Grey Goose and Bacardi.

Ruby Spritzer

Patrón Cocktails

Ruby Spritzer

1.5 parts Patrón Silver
2 parts Sparkling Apple Cider
1 parts Pomegranate juice
.5 parts Fresh lemon juice
1 dash Angostura bitters
+ Lemon twist for garnish
1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill.
2. Strain into a champagne flute.
3. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Patrón Anejo Old Fashioned

Patrón Añejo Old Fashioned

2 parts Patrón Añejo
.25 parts Simple syrup
1 dash bitters
+ Orange peel for garnish
Over a double old fashioned glass, use a vegetable peeler to take off two strips of orange zest,
making sure to express the oil into the glass. Add Patrón Añejo, simple syrup, and bitters. Add
ice—the biggest cubes you can find—and stir. Adjust sweetness to taste.

Grey Goose Sleigh Driver

Grey Goose Cocktails


Delight your guests with a cocktail that’s as stunning as it is easy to make.

1 1⁄2 parts GREY GOOSE® Vodka
3 parts freshly squeezed blood-orange juice
Splash of pomegranate syrup or grenadine
Garnish: 1 blood-orange wedge and a sprinkle of pomegranate seed
Method: Add first three ingredients to a rocks glass filled with ice, stir, and
garnish with blood-orange wedge and pomegranate seeds

Grey Goose Holiday Mule


Some holiday joy mixed in with a GREY GOOSE® Vodka classic.

1 1⁄2 parts GREY GOOSE® Vodka
4 parts ginger beer
Freshly grated nutmeg
Juice of half of a lime
Garnish: Cranberries, lime wedge and sprig of fresh mint
Method: Fill the mug with ice to chill it before mixing. Add the juice from half a
lime, freshly squeezed. Add GREY GOOSE Vodka, then mix in the ginger beer

Bacardi Coquito

Bacardi Cocktails


1.5 parts BACARDÍ Cuatro

0.75 parts Canned Coconut Milk

0.75 parts Canned Cream of Coconut

1.5 parts Canned Condensed Milk

2.5 parts Canned Evaporated Milk

1 parts White Sugar

1 bar spoon Ground Cinnamon

2 dashes Vanilla Extract

Method: Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass and serve on ice

Bacardi Seasons Greetings

BACARDI Season’s Greetings

2 parts BACARDÍ Cuatro

0.5 parts honey 

0.75 parts lime juice

1 part white cranberry juice

Garnish with pomegranate seeds (optional dehydrated citrus)


Method: In a mixing tin, add the Cuatro, honey, lime juice and cranberry juice. Fill the tin with ice and shake vigorously to dilute and chill. Double strain the cocktail into a rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with pomegranate seeds.


All cocktail recipes provided by Pomp & Circumstance. 

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