Get ready to fall in love with this season’s hottest spirit: gin.  

Gin is definitely having a moment this season. As fall’s hottest spirit, it is both a refreshing and warming drink, which means it’s perfect to enjoy during this time of year. 

Check out the below list of must-try trends and recipes for creating the ideal cocktails and drinks using delicious Ungava Gin. Six hand-foraged, 100% natural botanicals give Ungava its signature colour and exceptionally smooth taste, making it the perfect go-to to make any creative cocktail. The brand offers a bold choice for a classic favourite and features quality ingredients, resulting in a super-smooth, delicious taste. Ungava Gin is a spirit unlike any other. In addition, this is an incredibly versatile spirit that will help you craft and curate a selection of delicious drinks that you and your friends and/or family can enjoy!

Trend: Add some colour

Who doesn’t love a colourful cocktail? Bright and lively cocktails add a fun twist to an otherwise classic recipe. The Southside is a delicious and vibrant drink that adds a bit of sunshine to your everyday—and to your IG feed. This is the perfect drink to help brighten up a gloomy fall day. Plus, as a naturally yellow gin, Ungava Gin adds a bit of excitement to any cocktail, no matter how simple. 

Trend: Use natural ingredients 

Featuring fresh lemon and natural, nutritious honey, The Bee’s Knees is a refreshing and simple cocktail that highlights the flavours of its key, naturally sourced ingredients. Ungava Gin also uses 100% natural ingredients, so any cocktail comes straight from the source. Natural alcoholic options are super on-trend this year and not only is Ungava Gin naturally sourced, but it’s also super delicious and makes for the perfect cocktail base.

Trend: Go back to basics

The OG gin cocktail is timeless and a reliable choice for any go-to beverage, and Ungava’s signature hue makes any OG one to remember. The Golden Negroni is a smoother, lighter twist on an elegant classic that won’t fail to delight. Try this cocktail during an evening dinner- this is definitely a classic, traditional drink that will never go out of style!

Be sure to check out Ungava Gin for more information on the brand and to discover more delicious cocktail recipes to enjoy this season. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.