Whether you’re sitting on a porch enjoying the warm sunshine, or by the bonfire basking in the cool late summer breeze, these cocktails will help you get through the end of summer blues.

Summer Cocktails To Try Before Summer Ends

Photo Credit: Tim Nusog via Liquor.com

Summer Rye Cocktail

Recipe by Liquor.com

This cocktail evokes the summer feel with the use of floral St. Germain Elderflower. This fruity liqueur shines especially once paired with fresh Fuji apple juice. This recipe requires freshly squeezed apple juice which can easily be found in your local farmer’s market this season. If the Japanese apple is elusive, surely any tart and crisp apple can be used like Honeycrisp or Ambrosia apples. The cocktail is topped with Champagne for that thirst-quenching fizz. 

Late Summer Cocktails To Try

Photo Credit: Tim Nusog via Liquor.com


Recipe by Liquor.com

Beer cocktails are making a hit these days, so if you’re curious, try this Mexican beer cocktail. Michelada is traditionally made with beer, lime, hot sauce and spices. Some variations of this cocktail use tomato juice which tastes like a beer version of a Bloody Mary. This particular recipe however sticks to the traditional Mexico City way. It’s made with tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice and your choice of Mexican lager.

Late Summer Cocktails To Try

Photo Credit: Lucas Allen

The Tempest

Recipe by Sean Kenyon c/o Food and Wine 

Personally, nothing speaks late summer than ginger beer. This cocktail created by Williams and Graham’s owner, Sean Kenyon is his version of a Dark and Stormy cocktail. This cocktail is made with muddled peach, Angora bitters, lemon juice, spiced rum and topped off with ginger beer. Serve in a highball glass with ice and garnish with peach slices. 

Late Summer Cocktails To Try

Photo Credit: Gastronomblog

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

Recipe by Gastronomblog.com 

If you are a big iced coffee fan, then we can translate that obsession into an after-work drink. All you need is maple syrup, triple sec, a cold brew of your choice, bourbon and heavy cream. The sweet notes of bourbon compliment well with the dark flavour notes of coffee. The orange liqueur adds a brightness that combines well with everything. If it’s cold out, you can make this into a hot version by switching the cold brew with fresh brewed medium roast coffee. 

Late Summer Cocktails To Try

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Chai Hot Toddy

Recipe by Brit + Co

Grab your blankets and marshmallows, we’re drinking hot cocktails! This Chai Hot Toddy will give you warmth not only because it’s served warm, but also because of the spices given by the tea and rum! This cocktail starts by brewing 8 bags of Chai, then heating milk and sugar in a separate pot. Once the milk is hot, add vanilla and cinnamon, then add all of that with the steeped Chai. Serve it in a mug with spiced rum and garnish it with cinnamon sticks. Enjoy sipping!

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