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Canadian accessory and clothing brand, Main and Local, want you to gift better this season by giving your loved ones gifts that don’t suck! The incredibly whimsical and unique collection of gifts by Main and Local allows you to spoil your friends and family with the funniest Canadian and city-inspired souvenirs, ornaments, socks, and more this holiday season. 

Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with the co-founder and creative director who helped start it all – Andrew Cohen. Andrew talks about the brand’s beginnings, the best-sellers, and what products you need to shop this holiday season so keep reading to find out all about your new one-stop shop and go-to for gifts, Main and Local.


Photo Credit: Main and Local

Tell us your story and how you started your brand, Main and Local.

We were tired of seeing all the generic silver spoons and keychains everywhere we visited. We wanted to make something really cool; not only something people would actually want to bring home for their friends but also something that those friends would want to keep and show off. So, we teamed up and got to work. Right from the beginning, whenever we designed a new product, we remembered three keywords: Clever, Fun, and Unexpected. All of our designs needed to have the customer in mind, and create something they never knew they wanted. All while bringing some nostalgia and laughter to the items. 

chips ornament

Photo Credit: Main and Local

How can we gift better with Main and Local-what make the product offerings so unique?

Gift Better. That’s our motto, and it works with all of our brands and collections. With “Souvenirs That Don’t Suck”, we reach an audience that is close to our hearts, and our homes – city and country-specific items with a fun twist. These are perfect for tourists and locals alike, and you’ll actually impress whoever you gift them to. More recently, however, we have branched out. With our latest “Hype Gifts” and “Hoomans” brands, we’ve shifted gears to tend to all audiences. The former is a collection of unique socks designed for an out-of-the-box experience, while the latter is a whimsical pet-inspired product line designed for pet owners. The three brands can now reach different types of consumers, while always being embedded with our creativity and our humour. 

What we are most excited about though is a brand that we are launching in 2022: Voices. The themes here encompass being heard and inclusivity for all. Whether it centers around social injustices like racism or homophobia, we are eager to touch on each one, stand behind what’s right, and show our pride. Stay tuned for those products next year! 

poutine candle

Photo Credit: Main and Local

With the holidays coming up, can you share a little bit about what’s new on the site and what gifts we can expect to shop to prepare for the season?

As mentioned, the two new brands are all the rage right now. You can get a pair of Pizza-patterned socks in a miniature pizza box – how cool is that?! Or, you can match your dog by wearing a whimsical version of them on your feet. Those new products are definitely going to be the winners this holiday season and we can’t wait for everyone to start shopping them. 

What are some of the brand’s best-selling products?

Honestly, there are just too many top sellers but I’ll try to name a few per brand. 

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

 1. Curling Rock Mug (this one does not let up! It has been the top seller for over 4 years now! We even introduced 2 new colours) 

2. Poutine Socks (a crowd favorite, for obvious [delicious] reasons…) 

3. Ketchup Chips Ornament (again, delicious and decorative!) 

 4. Mr. Dressup Mug 

 5. Mr. Dressup TV Ornament & Tickle Trunk Ornament Deluxe Gift Set 

Hype Gifts

 1. Pizza Socks 

 2. Burger Socks 


 1. Pug Life Socks 

 2. Ruff Life Socks 

pizza socks

Photo Credit: Main and Local

Where can we shop Main and Local gifts? 

You can find all of our products for sale at www.mainandlocal.com. But if you still like to shop old school in person, we have over 350 retailers in Canada that carry our items, and you can find them all here

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