Alessia Cara just released the lyric video for her single, “Ready” on YouTube. The track is from her new EP This Summer.

Clearly, the lyrics are about relationship angst. But it’s the timing of the whole thing that concerns us. The song came out today, 8th of August. Today is also the birthday of fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes.

Coincidence? We think not.

A while ago, there were rumours spreading around the fan-world that Alessia and Shawn were secretly dating. Recently, with the release of “Señorita” and its equally-steamy behind the scenes video, the Shawn Mendes-Camila Cabello relationship was cemented. This is where our doubts get stronger.

“Don’t you just push me out now / you got me into this mess / who’s gonna get me out? / why are you pulling me down? / if you got things to figure out,” goes the lyrics of “Ready”.

Is it a dig at this whole new chemistry? We wonder.

In other news, Alessia Cara is still on tour with Shawn Mendes all over North America. See the whole line-up here.